To Blog Or Not To Blog…

It’s Wednesday morning and I’m filling up with coffee to be awake enough to drive three and a half hours home. The last three days were great. We reconnected with old friends and spent time with both sides of our family. We had good food and lots of wine and enjoyed great conversation.

Of course, as a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for good material. In fact, sometimes family members will preface a story with a reminder that the following anecdote is “off the record” when I’m speaking with them, as if I’m a reporter.

I wish I were a reporter. Reporters report the truth, no matter what. They can ruin lives and reputations for the sake of a story. But bloggers are different. Bloggers keep a log and although telling the truth is important, ruining reputations for the sake of my log that simply entertains and informs others, doesn’t seem fair.

Which leads me to my dilemma. About a quarter of a way through our Christmas Eve dinner, it happened. My Christmas miracle. My fucked up family Christmas bloggable moment.

Hmm….to blog or not to blog? That is the question. The subjects of my blog do not have computers and are in no way internet savvy. Chances are they’d never even know about this post. But in order to make all of you laugh, I’d have to disrespect some semi-retired folks on fixed incomes.

Which sucks because it sure was funny. Funny in that screwed up, “this is what happens when folks that would never choose to be friends but connect due to being relatives and are forced to spend an evening together” kind of way.

It really is funny.

And bizarre.

Too bad I can’t share it.

But I’d love to hear your Christmas bloggable moments so share them if you can.


7 responses to “To Blog Or Not To Blog…

  1. You tease!
    Now you have to share it.
    Can you get permission from husband to dis his aunts?
    Or, email to me and I’ll post it and then you can link to me.

    I gots to know.

    (here via cruising WordPress tags)

  2. Lisa in Frederick

    oh see? now that’s now way to be!

  3. Sorry guys – I asked and he said no.
    My first major blogging dilemma. Not bad since I’ve been blogging for about 18 months. Oh well, I’m sure there will be more.
    Maybe I’ll be able to share my New Year’s blogable moments? Lets all keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Kurt called and asked if I had read your blog. My first question was if was about us. My next thought was that I needed to changed my email so that I could get the blog. Thanks to Gary, this happened in Seconds and I was happy to read what you wrote. Sometimes, you just have to be there. It was funny but not bloggable. You did good!
    Much Love,
    The Slapper

  5. I agree. To make it a funny post, I’d have to be really mean which is not cool with family. I’ll let the sleeping dogs lie. Funny Kurt thought it was our family with the f-ed up family moment.

  6. Here’s a funny story. Why don’t you blog about your brother inviting another family member to dinner and then you having to clean up his invite. You could use “Seinfeld” characters to protect the innocent. It could go something like this.
    Jerry on the phone talking to George:
    Jerry: “Hey, Elaine is coming in Sunday and we’re going to dinner, why don’t you come?”
    George: “Are you sure?”
    Jerry: “Yea, Elaine won’t mind.”
    George: “Are you sure?”
    Jerry: “Sure, what the hell.”
    George: “OK”
    Two nights later, George picks up the phone at Jerry’s apartment.
    George: “Hello”
    Elaine: “George, is that you?
    George: “Yes”
    Elaine: “Why are you answering Jerry’s phone?”
    George: “Jerry, just looked at his pocket calendar book and realized he either had to go to work, walk the dog or take a shit. I really can’t remember since he ran out the door screaming: ‘Why, why can’t I remember even the simplest of things.’
    Elaine: OK, ah so anyway, remember Jerry inviting you to dinner?
    George: “Yea, Sunday night right?”
    Elaine: “Ah well, I’m going to have to uninvite you. Jerry should’ve never opened his big mouth. I think he talked to you after taste-testing some of his crappy home-made wine.
    George: “So you mean, I can’t join you?”
    Elaine: “No”
    George: “I’m not happy about this. I’m going to bring this up at Festivus during the “Airing of the Grievances.” And then I’m going to wrestle your husband’s lame ass to the ground and start yelling 13-9, 13-9, ha,ha, ha loser!
    George hangs up the phone.
    Elaine contorts her face and says “Jerry” in the same tone that they’d alway say “New-man!”
    The End … while canned laughter can be heard in the background as the credit roll.
    Maybe something like this will entertain your readers.

  7. Yes, I admit that I uninvited you to dinner Sunday night and now owe you big time. I also believe that all the blame falls on John for inviting you in the first place. So when you air your grievances blame him.

    Gary is still crushed over WVU’s loss to Pitt. Be gentle with him.

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