Christmas Miracle

My parents experienced a true Christmas miracle yesterday. It was straight out of a Hallmark Channel movie as my Dad, Tiny Ken, threw down his crutches and yelled “God Bless Us Everyone” right as my mother clicked onto her first website as a DSL subscriber. After years of shitty, slow-ass dial up service, it was a glorious day in the home of my youth as web portals loaded in seconds and we explained to my father that he is online at all times, even when my mom is on the phone.

My Dad may now actually experiment with the computer and start sending his own emails. My mom will simply take her computer savvy to the next level by sending and receiving photographs, instant messaging her grandchildren and watching You Tube videos.

Of course there’s a down side to this miraculous event. My mom was practically bleary eyed this morning as I believe she was up perusing web sites until the wee hours of the morning. I’m fairly certain that she may never get anything done around the house again. Dad of course, not being an internet user at all could be headed down a dangerous path filled with the incessant forwarding of obnoxious email jokes along with downloading online porn, so we’ll need to keep an eye on him.

So welcome Ken and Micki. It has been a big year for you guys. You got call waiting and caller ID this summer and rumor has it the cable company may be coming to your house in 2008. If you two crazy kids get that city water line that you’ve always been coveting along with cell phone service – all of your wishes may just come true.

And so dear readers what is the moral of the story here at Enter The Circle? Dare to dream kids. Dare to dream.


One response to “Christmas Miracle

  1. Yes, Dare to dream, please dare to dream. No longer are the Bruners on Brush Run Road living under the green dot of unavailable DSL service. Christmas Miracle #1

    Christmas Miracle #2, Aunt LInda received a cell phone call in our kitchen, when no other cell phone had service.

    Dad & I want to Thank Gary for making our dreams come true and Paige for setting up AIM.


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