Enjoy This Moment

Hey guess what? I finally understand what a caucus is. I think it was CNN’s interactive explanation that helped me to get it once and for all. They had pictures which means that like a small child drawn to cardboard books with bright colors, I need a lot of visual aids and to see things to understand them, rather than just reading about them.

Guess what else? For the first time in a long time I feel good and not so damn bitter, angry and resentful when I think about my government. I liked Obama’s speech. I like Obama. My like and appreciation for him, I’m realizing, is very intuitive and at his stage not based on facts and figures but simply based on my gut feeling toward him.

I like his mannerisms and the way he handles himself. I like that he doesn’t let folks bait him with their bullshit questions and can finesse his way out of a confrontation choosing instead to have a conversation.

I like that he’s 1/2 white and 1/2 black. I think that gives him a unique perspective.

I like that he’s worshiped different Gods and been exposed to different Dogmas. I think that folks schooled in a variety of religions don’t feel like they have all of the answers or push their beliefs onto others.

I like that he’s young.

I like that because his father is African he’s more than likely to help that continent before it’s too late.

I like that he’s been a “them” and not only a member of the “us” club. I think when “thems” have a chance to be in charge they remember what it’s like to be shit upon and are less likely to shit upon others.

Most importantly I like that he doesn’t butcher the English language and smirk inappropriately when giving a speech.

Notice that I haven’t mentioned anything about his ideas, policies or specific plans for this country. At his point I’m just going with my gut because frankly, it never fails me. It’s how I make a lot of decisions and decide with whom I want to spend my time with. I have 11 months to investigate this man and his beliefs more closely, but for now, I’m going to wrap myself in that nice, warm, soft and fuzzy blanket called hope and just sit a while.


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