Obsessed With Stats

Bloggers love stats.

We love to check our stat counter and see how many hits we’ve gotten, which pages folks read, how long someone lingers and which city, state or country a reader hails from. I admit that it’s damn exciting to see that someone from Bangladesh has found my blog, but lately I’ve become obsessed with the search terms that folks use to enter the circle.

Most people stumble upon my blog by searching for topics that I’ve specifically blogged about. Search for Paula Deen , Jean Dominique Bauby or Pittsburgheeze and the google guys will send you my way because I’ve mentioned these terms in various posts. But sometimes I’m floored as to how folks find me and wonder if they aren’t just a little disappointed once they stop by.

This week alone I’ve been found by someone looking for arugula flatulence, circle dare porn, and circle dare sex to name a few. Bisexual trailor park lead someone to me a few months ago. I wasn’t aware that bisexuals had their own rural communities and I’m still tying to figure out why that search leads people here. But my favorite so far happened this morning when someone decided that they needed to see elderly vagina photos.

Yes you read that right.

That person must have been really pissed off to learn that I wasn’t a senior citizen porn site. Why would they be sent to me?  Shouldn’t a search of that magnitude send folks to The Blog That Ate Manhattan? At least she’s a gynecologist.

I guess if you mention the word vagina a couple of times in a post entitled, HooHaa Monologues? you shouldn’t be surprised at who comes knocking on your door.

I know what you’re thinking. Just mentioning these terms in this post means I’m sending more search engines my way. What can I say? Anything for those stats.


6 responses to “Obsessed With Stats

  1. Okay, I’m the Arugula Fart chick. Lookie here Arugulas In Love

  2. Ooops, my html didn’t work. It’s:http://arugulasinlove.blogspot.com

    Somebody went there looking for Arugula Farts which piqued my interest immensely. 🙂 You do know that arugulas are used for Aphrodisical purposes too, right? They can horn you up and clean you out all at the same time!

  3. The best search terms I got came from the office of the White House Secretary. They were looking to see if MIKA is gay.

    I’m like, “FREAKIN DUH people! He sings in a falsetto voice, channels Freddie Mercury, and wears white pants.”

  4. Arugulas in Love is a funny site as is your site. I added you to my blog roll. I do remember posting about a spike in flatulence after a meal that included arugula nice to know there’s a method behind the search engines madness. 🙂

  5. Good one! Maybe I’ll add that to my blog, ha, ha!


  6. Please do! Thanks for stopping by.

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