Running To Stand Still

I’ve decided that running sucks. I haven’t run in 2 weeks and I’m trying to psych myself up to run this morning. I really want to quit this relay team. I truly do not like to run.


Yet I’ve decided that I will continue running…well, lets call it what is…I’ll keep jogging.


Because I made a promise to my friends that I’d run 4 miles of the Frederick Marathon.

I get the shortest distance out of anyone on the team.

It’s only four stupid miles and I need to shut up about it.

They’ve said repeatedly that it’s not about time or speed for them – it’s just about finishing. In other words, they are not pressuring me at all to become a runner, they are giving me an opportunity to push myself a little – something I tend to suck at.

I think the lesson in this has nothing to do with running and everything to do with setting and meeting a goal – something else that I tend to suck at. So I’m going to stick this out.

The silver lining in the dark cloud is that I’ve discovered that I really love walking. Whether it’s on a treadmill or outside, with my dog or with friends, buying a pedometer and vowing to walk 10,000 steps a day has become a big part of my daily life. Sometimes I take 2 walks to get in my steps. I have even been seen marching in place in front of the television to hit my 10,000 step goal.
Counting my steps is interesting because I can clearly see how sedentary my life in the suburbs is versus when I lived an urban life. Likewise I’m finally seeing and understanding the connection between functional movement and fitness.

But more on that tomorrow – the treadmill is still calling and it sounds a little pissed.


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