Nervous Nelly

In a few hours I will run my first race ever, as an adult, and I’m scared shitless even though I was on the track team in high school. Why you ask? Because even back then, during my prime, I was the javelin thrower.

I’m nervous because I don’t know what to wear. It’s going to be very cold and rainy this morning and I’m not sure what layers I need to run without freezing but without overheating. I do all of my running indoors on a treadmill with a built in fan and a nifty cup holder. Which reminds me, how the hell am I going to run and hold onto a water bottle? Damn it!

I’m also not sure if I should drive to the race (that’s within walking distance) so that I can avoid walking home afterwards (in case I’m freezing when it’s over). But then again, maybe I need to walk to the race to “warm up” since it’s so cold out? Don’t I run the risk of snapping my hamstrings like old, rotted rubber bands if I don’t loosen up prior to starting?

Most importantly, I’m scared that when the race route that goes right by my house carries my fat ass to my door, I’m going to make a beeline for my abode and not even finish.

So to put all of this unnecessary insanity into perspective, I thought I’d go online and remind myself what this race, Run For Congo, is all about.

So let’s recap, shall we. It’s 2008 and even though we have nuclear warheads, high powered riffles and chemical weapons at our disposal, women are still the fundamental weapon of choice to silence villages, torture husbands, traumatize children and keep the militia entertained. The mental, physical and emotional destruction of women, for sport, is still an accepted practice.

What else am I missing? Oh yea. Our government doesn’t have time to deal with this crisis because we’re too busy fighting our war on terror. So although I live in a world were women are routinely tied to trees and raped with the barrel of an assault weapon, I’m declared safe because a business man flying first class had his toe nail clippers taken from his toiletry bag at the airport. That’s right folks. Even though females are killed after being raped to maintain the family honor in the Middle East, aborted in India as they are too expensive to raise, given away in China as they are worthless, used as sex slaves all over Southeast Asia, raped and pillaged all over Africa as well as raped and killed here in the this county – I have nothing to fear because we are winning the war on terror!

If only we had a woman president. Maybe she’d be more in tune to the plight of women around the world and care enough to do something about it. Or maybe if we had a president of African descent running the country he’d give a shit about an entire continent that’s basically circling the drain.

Hmmm…But I digress…

Today is International Women’s Day so today I’ll run because it’s for a good cause. If I can’t run, I’ll walk but I won’t quit because those women can’t quit as they are literally running for their lives. I’ll run because frankly, I’m pissed off. But before I run I’m going to hand the race organizers my check and show these women that they matter. I’m going to do for them what I would hope someone would do for me if I was in their position. If you would also like to be a sponsor and make a difference in the lives of the Congonese you can donate to Women For Women International, by clicking here.

Well off to the races. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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