Why In God’s Name…

…are you standing there, Silda?



It’s bad enough that Eliot Spitzer was cheating on his wife with a prostitute – but why add insult to injury by making his wife stand there beside him?

If he, and every other jackass out there that needs to publicly apologize for their lying, cheating ways, were truly sorry he would have faced his firing squad alone and insisted that his wife be somewhere else.

From what I’ve read about Silda Spitzer, she basically gave up her high powered, high paying career for her husband’s political ambitions. If that was me, I’d be holed up in my house with a bottle of wine and pack of smokes, bitching to my friends about that mother fucker with smeared mascara and a blotchey, swollen, I’ve been crying for hours type of face… sorta like this….


And if for some God awful reason I had to be seen in public with my husband, this would be the look on my face:



3 responses to “Why In God’s Name…

  1. I’m with you on this one. I’d not only refuse to stand by him, I’d kick him out.

    My sister wrote about this in her Daily News colum in Philly today…


  2. I agree with tbtam’s sister. She did it for her kids. Silda was there and now the press won’t be chasing her and her kids around for comments. She is standing by him for the moment and that’s her position. The press doesn’t need to camp out to get her reaction. I think in the long run her kids will appreciate her for helping their dad.

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