Ducks In Trees

Yesterday during my walk I was surprised to find a duck perched on top of the covered bridge near my home…


A duck daredevil?

A duck suicide in progress?


Then as I walked through the bridge, I looked to my left only to find ducks in trees.




6 responses to “Ducks In Trees

  1. It’s the National Duck Guard, protecting your community from dangerous threats.

    Either that, or AFLAC is starting a guerilla marketing campaign.

  2. That’s funny. Thanks for laugh. You know Fort Detrick is located here – I’m sure the military will be happy to know that the ducks are helping them out.

  3. This is near where you love? How beautiful it is! i am very jealous.

  4. Frederick is a great town – I really need to do an “Ode To Frederick” post soon.

  5. Not much of a nature girl, are you? Ducks are migratory, that means they can fly.

  6. Like you hug trees in your free time…

    Smart Ass.

    Per my research, only Buffleheads, Wood Ducks, Goldeneyes and Mergansers nest in trees or high above water. The ducks by my house are Mallards. Mallards only nest in high grass.

    Hence my confusion.

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