Bravo Barack

I didn’t watch the speech, although I did read it in it’s entirety. You can watch or read it here.

I must say that I was shocked. Shocked and taken completely by surprise that a potential Presidential candidate would dare to get gray. Since the black and white issues in this country are anything but I was so pleased that someone running for the Presidency would be ready, willing and clearly able to sit in this gray area and stay awhile.

He didn’t go for the quick sound bite. He didn’t play it safe. He didn’t take the easy way out and simply follow the “How To Run For President” handbook. He told us his honest opinion and trusted us to actually think about the issue at hand. He trusted us with his truth. He thought that perhaps we the people deciding this race (unless of course the super delegates do) might actually be smart enough to hear his truth, as is, and not a watered down version. And then about 20 minutes in, once he shared some truths about the black experience he went a step further and spoke candidly about the frustrations of the white experience.

Basically he put it all out there and by doing so, gave us all an opportunity to have a conversation. Not a politically correct one, but one that allows a learning curve. One that says, you can misspeak and not be crucified for it because it’s in the uncertainty that the learning can happen. One that encourages all of us to put ours truths and experiences out there for they will be heard and considered not just simply dismissed and pushed aside.

If he’s willing to go gray on the issue of race in this country, imagine what other gray areas he may be willing to dive into. Immigration? World religions and how the mix with politics to shape this world? Boosting our economy without destroying our planet?

Hmm…a leader willing to lead the people not by scaring the shit out of them, but by encouraging them to make decisions from a higher place of understanding. A leader willing to not simply tell us what to think but whom might actually trust us to think and draw our own conclusions.

Imagine that indeed.


5 responses to “Bravo Barack

  1. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there is going to be a democrat in the Whitehouse come Jan 09. I believe from a conservative standpoint a democrat, especially a leftist socialist democrat, will bode far better for conservatives come midterms. A McCain win will only lose us more seats in 2010.

    A Maryland Republican vote is worthless, therefore I will be voting the Constitution Party come November so I really have no dog in this fight between Clinton and Obama and eventually with McCain. I will say that if Obama’s wins the nomination, one can only imagine the commercials the McCain Campaign will come up with using soundbites from Wright’s Sermons. He may be playing the high road now but all bets are off once the democratic candidate is nominated, but I digress.

    I watched the speech and here’s my take;

    1. It was good (brilliant) if one was already in Obama’s corner.
    2. It was bad if you were not.
    3. Indifferent if you were on the fence.

    This wasn’t bold or brave. It’s lame. It’s typical Washington politics crap. I just can’t respect it on any level as it was probably written six months ago in preparation for the firestorm he was going to have to face. Obama is politician, he’s made excuses for Wright before but of course he wasn’t on a national stage as he is now. Anything less than outright repudiation of Wright is not enough, period.

    If you believe Obama wasn’t buying what Wright was selling, I have some waterfront property in Arizona for you.

  2. Hey, Tom, I was wondering when you’d chime in.

    I’ll tell you what, I’ll accept your point of view, when every Catholic leaves their diocese or everyone from Ted Haggert’s old church has moved on to another place of worship. TONS of people stay in their churches before, during and after their reverends or priests say something that makes them cringe or does something that is either immoral or illegal.

    I’ve rolled my eyes during anti-gay homilies and then made a donation! I used to pop BC pills before mass – once during! I used to worship weekly at church even though I knew the priest was having an affair. I have been cherry picking what serves me from the Methodists, Presbyterians, Assembly Of God Folks, Buddhist, Catholics and Wiccans since high school. I take what I need and leave the shit I don’t accept behind.

    If I can do it, why can’t he?

  3. Because he’s running for the highest office in the country. You, the members of New Life, United Trinity Church, the Rock on the Side of the Road to Jericho Missionary Baptist Church of Zion or anyone else are not.

  4. This whole thing about that reverend is really code for saying to America “See? He’s BLACK!!!” Don’t let them fool you. It’s not about religion. It’s about race. Barack knows that and that why he said what he said in that speech.

    The religious right has said worse things than this guy has said.

    Great post.

  5. So basically we only want to elect someone that’s perfect and only associates with perfection? In other words, hold the Democrats running to a higher standard than the Republican currently in office?

    How convenient.

    I agree with TBTAM.

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