Pennsylvania’s Big Moment

I lived in Pennsylvania for the first 32 years of my life and with the exception of the local folks running for various offices, my vote never mattered when it came to choosing a Presidential nominee. By the time it was my turn to pull the lever, the nominations were already decided.

So I think it would be cool to be a Pennsylvanian Democrat this week. This Tuesday is going to be huge. Usually Primary Election Day is merely about determining alternative childcare or finding something to do with the kids because they’re off school. This year, however, I’m sure that play dates and trips to the museum will be scheduled around mommy and daddy’s trip to the voting booth.

It’s nice to have your opinion matter especially in regard to something so important. Makes you wonder how many more people would vote if we all just voted at the same time like student council or home owners association elections.

So here’s to the The Keystone State and their big moment in the spotlight. Enjoy and get out there and vote, damn it! You may never have this opportunity again.


2 responses to “Pennsylvania’s Big Moment

  1. But how many “Bradley Effect” voters can PA fit into a polling booth?

    Quite a lot, I’ll wager.

    “PA prediction for the “Change Election””

  2. I am so mad because for years I was a PA democrat and four years ago I switched to an independent because my vote didn’t count in the primary and I didn’t want to be associated with the party who put up Michael Dukakis.

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