Numb To The Numbers

10,000 dead in China.

80,000 dead or missing in Myanmar.

Families are buried alive. Children were ripped from their mother’s arms and washed away. And yet, I find myself thinking more about why another Hollywood beauty is dating John Mayer (I don’t get it), when will Private Practice be back on the air and why wasn’t Craig Ferguson offered Conan’s job instead of Jimmy Fallon?

It reminds me of the lyrics to Murder Tonight In The Trailer Park, by the Cowboy Junkies.

Murder tonight in the trailer park
Faceless man counting crumpled bills,
Hotel neon fights the dark
TV set in the corner, they’re talking murder
On the late-night news
He turns down the sound,
Waits for the sports,
He only wants to know,
‘Did I win or did I lose

Am I shallow or just overwhelmed by negative information? Is my brain simply unable to process all of the sorrow or am I just curmudgeonly and uncaring? Could someone tell me what’s wrong with me? You know, whenever you get a free moment and can pull yourself away from watching You Tube videos or browsing Perez Hilton’s web site.

I’m guessing that’s why these internet sites do so well as they appear to be directly proportional to the sources of bad news on the web. Back when there were only three networks I didn’t have or for that matter need as many distractions when the news became overbearing. I just flipped the station to Wheel Of Fortune or went to the sink to clean up the dinner dishes. If that didn’t work, I’d call a friend, stretch the phone cord across the kitchen, sit on the top basement step and catch up on the gossip at Trinity High School.

Hmm…Perhaps I’ve been curmudgeonly and uncaring all along.


One response to “Numb To The Numbers

  1. I think our brains do what they know is necessary for our surivival, and that is to focus on something less important, the more trivial the better. If we thought about china and myanmar all day long, we’d implode.

    It’s not what we think, though, but what we do that matters. Some folks think all day long and do nothing, Others think about Paris Hilton, but donoate their time and money to a cause. I’ll go with the latter.

    Hope you had a great mothers day!

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