Seeing Old Friends

It was so nice to see the gals from Sex and The City on the big screen last night. If you’re a fan of the show – go. If you’ve never seen the show and think you’ll be lost – go anyway as you’ll be caught up on all things SATC before the opening credits are finished.

The reviews are mixed on the movie which bugs me. When I reunite with old friends I don’t need for them to have perfect lives for me to enjoy the evening. When I spend time with ladies that I love I want to hear about their lives, warts and all. A reunion is about connection – not slamming your gal pals for all of their choices (like many of the reviewers did). What’s the fun in that?

My suggestion is:

  1. Avoid all spoilers and movie trailers (which is why I didn’t link to the SATC site)
  2. See the movie with a group of your favorite ladies.
  3. Bring some tissues.
  4. Go out afterwards and talk about it.

I had a fabulous evening catching up with old friends and making new connections. My one neighbor had never watched the show and she loved it. We had a blast filling her in on some of the old story lines from the show and talking about our favorite scenes from episodes gone by.

We also LOVED seeing women our age on the big screen. They were beautiful, smart, sexual, powerful and funny. I hope the powers that be in Hollywood take note and start giving us more of this in the future.


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