And The Parenting Award Goes To…

I spent the weekend with a three-year-old. I know what you’re thinking, It was hellish, right? Three-year-olds have tantrums and sing Barney songs while rummaging through your Tupperware.

Not this three-year-old. This one was sweet, kind and wonderful. She said please and thank you. She listened and waited – patiently. She cried once when her stick broke and a second time when she hit her head. She did whine a little when she wasn’t allowed to sleep on the top bunk, but otherwise she was as pleasant as pie.

When she got over-tired, she’d simply say, I’m sleepy and proceed to sing the soundtrack from the Alvin and The Chipmunks movie. She did all of these things after flying to the East Coast from Arizona but before fully adjusting to the time zone change. Most adults I know can’t pull that off.

When she wasn’t being polite and sweet she was cracking us up with her cute one-liners, funny remarks and silliness. She was such an extraordinary specimen of a child that had my kids been three-years-old, I most certainly would’ve considered myself a failure as a mother.

Speaking of mothers, she minded her’s and followed their instructions. Occasionally she would take a tone with them only to apologize sincerely when they quickly corrected her. They were calm and collected mothers, never needing to raise their voices and certainly not their hands. They taught by example because as respectful and as loving as they were to their daughter, they were that way with each other. In fact, had I been given a dollar every time they told Makena that they loved her, I’d be able to fill my gas tank all summer long.

Yes ladies and gentleman, this is the scary, atrocious and hideous outcome of allowing same sex couples to not only (GASP) get married, but (DOUBLE GASP) have children.

I have to say they could be the poster family for the cause. Two lesbians that dared to openly love each other and a jump through a million and three hoops to adopt a child that may have otherwise languished in a Guatemalan orphanage for years.

Two working mothers that are kicking ass when it comes to balancing work, play, family and community. Two women that work for an educational foundation that aims to improve K-8 schools throughout the country. Two women that are raising a daughter to be a valuable and conscientious member of society. Two women that follow all the rules and tax laws of this country but have to have power of attorney’s in place to make sure that they can speak for each other if one is ever in a coma. Two woman that had to spend a shit load of money and time drawing up legal documents to ensure their rights to their child since they can’t both legally adopt her.

So I say bravo to Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, Vermont and California for when homosexuals win, love wins. In a world of war, famine, poverty, abuse and hatred, when love wins we all win.

It’s 2008. They’re here. They’re queer. Get used to it. If you’re still fighting this concept, then get out more. Maybe you simply need a learning curve. Maybe you’ve just never had the pleasure of seeing what a gay family really looks like. Because as extraordinary as many same-sex parents are, the fact is, they’re pretty damn ordinary. They are just like you and me, trying to get through life as best as they can.

So to recap: This is what love looks like:

It’s also what an amazing Halloween costume looks like. Chick magnets! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!


9 responses to “And The Parenting Award Goes To…

  1. That’s a lovely child, no doubt about it. I hope more cases this encourage more same-sex couples to adopt, and for authorities to let them.

  2. What a wonderful family! And a wonderful post.

  3. They’re great. Together as a couple and individually. We had a lot of fun this weekend and little Makena is truly a doll. Tracy on the right is my cousin – she’s been cool my whole life.

    Thanks for commenting! It really means a lot to me and them.

  4. “It’s 2008. They’re here. They’re queer. Get used to it.”

    Your intolerance is showing…

  5. It’s called comedy, Tom. C-0-M-E-D-Y.

  6. Are you implying I’m a drab individual? No sense of humor? I’ll have you know I crack myself up all the time.

    I wasn’t talking about the “queer” part but to avoid what could lead to a lenthy dicussion on indoctrination, judicial activitism, and Hollywood cause du jour, lets just leave it at that.

    I’m glad the child is in a loving home.

    Go PENS!

  7. Hello. new to your blog. and as a same sex parent, sharing custody with a non-existent ex-husband, when I find support, I want to say thank you. so THANK you!

    My partner cannot adopt my children, as their father will not relinquish rights that he does not exercise. So I support any and everyone who is in the fight FOR the children.

    We need to protect and love them all….they are the leaders of our future.

  8. Tom, I wish I was smart enough to understand your comment. I can’t tell if you’re for or against the concept of gay marriage, child rearing or not, but I’m glad that you’re glad that she’s in a loving home.

    Stephanie – sorry to hear that your ex doesn’t exercise his right to raise and be actively involved in his children’s lives. But glad that two loving adults are giving them the attention and guidance that they deserve.

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