We’ve Come A Long Way Baby – Unless Of Course, We Haven’t

I found this on a cool blog called Pop Politics. It’s the Mad As Hell / Bitch video created by the Shut The Freud Up Blog. It is spot on when it comes to highlighting the overt sexism that bubbled to the surface during Clinton’s campaign.

The media’s zipper has been down for years now, their mysogyny showing like the bottom of a crisp white broadcloth hanging limp out of the crotch of a navy pair of suit pants. Everyone can see it. Everyone’s looking at it. Folks are mouthing, “X,Y,Z” to know avail, yet the shit-head stands there smiling for the camera completely unaware that he’s making an ass out of himself. Or worse yet, when he gets the picture developed he still thinks he looks good. Damn good.

Whether you love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that the way the pundits covered Hillary’s run for the White House was horrible at times. I was often highly offended but I’ve got to be honest, having all the clips and idiotic comments edited together made me downright angry. Watch at your own risk.


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