2 Weeks

I dropped my kids off at camp yesterday. I officially have 2 weeks to do whatever the hell I want to. I can cook or eat out. Clean or make a mess. Workout or sit on my ass watching reruns. I can stay out all night, go to lunch at a restaurant that isn’t a chain with a marketing jingle, go see that damn Body Exhibit in Baltimore that grosses out my kids, and if I’m really feeling crazy have sex..with the door open!

I am the master of my domain, the creator of my reality, the executive VP of operations, if you will. I can let the entire organization go to shit, or get a bunch of stuff done. So before you covet my cushy set up and roll your eyes in disgust with the realization that I don’t have kids to cart around, pick up after, discipline, listen to and consider for the next 14 days, keep one thing in mind…my excuses are at camp as well.

My inability to get something done because my kids wanted to hang at the pool excuses – are at camp!

My inefficiency at juggling my fitness goals with my daily mothering duties excuses – are at camp!

My culinary ineptitude due to having to fix something the kids will eat instead of something super healthy for myself that would illicit weight loss excuses – are at camp!

My time management problem that kept me from cleaning out the basement and trimming the shrubs because I “Hey, I have to pack up my kids for camp” excuses – are, can you believe it, at camp!

Two weeks is a long time. I’m going to need something more than thinning out the stack of “someday I’m going to have the time to read these ” books on my nightstand and basket of folded but not put away laundry to showcase my efforts here. The stakes have been raised! Serious shit needs to get done or my inefficiency and overall putziness could be exposed for all time. Hell, I was supposed to paint the bench on our porch LAST June. As in 2007. I’ve got nothing stopping me now. Damn, I’m so screwed.

Thank God that gal next door is a poor college student in need of funds. She’s coming over today to negotiate a price and plan out the rest of the week. I’ll work much faster and get more done if somebody’s watching me as well as charging by the hour.


2 responses to “2 Weeks

  1. I expect these will be the shortest two weeks of your life. I say screw the chores and go to the beach.

  2. I kicked ass yesterday. By Wednesday I should be all done. Don’t worry, I plan on a lot of relaxation!!!

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