I’m happy to report that I TOTALLY kicked ass last week. My garage is so clean that I look for excuses to go in it just to feel proud. Apparently if you hang your belongings on the wall, it becomes less cluttered and easier to walk through. I’m also pleased to say that my shrubs and bushes are trimmed, the wisteria is training to grow up my pergola and not across my patio, the bench on my porch is painted, my photos are organized, the bills are done and the white drapes with the wine stain are cleaned, pressed and waiting to be hung later today.

Special thanks to Jane, my beautiful neighbor that’s home from college for the summer. Besides detailing both cars and painting my bench, she helped me reorganize my garage better than anything my husband and I would have come up with. In fact she did such a good job, Gary’s fired and she’s hired for later this summer when I clean out the basement before “bulk trash week” here in town.

I also need to thank Jane’s mom, Kathy. She LOVES to work outside and when I mentioned in passing that I wanted to chop down the dying tree in my front yard, within an hour she was back over donning work clothes and carrying a chain saw. I need to send a shout out to Tom, my mailman, for actually providing the final cut to bring the tree down…

and my other neighbor Terry for talking my tree limbs to the dump.

Jesus. Apparently it does take a village for me to get my shit down around here.

So with the exception of normal, mundane stuff like laundry, grocery shopping and straightening up – I’m free as bird. Last week I got a lot of relaxing in as well and had fun with friends and neighbors. This week I’ll do more of the same, more often.

Do I miss my kids? Sure, but not in a “I’m worried about them” way. Everyday I go online to their camp’s web site where I can see photos of activities from the day before. They are doing things that I would never do with them or coordinate for them, like riding a horse while the horse swims across a river. If anything, I’m anxious to see them to hear all the stories that go along with these images. The ride home will be loud and boisterous for sure.

I can clearly see that my children are having a blast. Their smiles are real. In fact, they smile in a way that only kids can do – with their eyes. The type of smile that’s less about posing and more about being photographed while completely engaged in the joy of the moment. Adults rarely do that, if you ask me. Unless of course, their kids have been away at camp for two weeks.


2 responses to “Update

  1. Women with chain saws – You gotta’ love that.

  2. I have the best neighbors!

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