Do You PC?

No I’m not asking if you’re politically correct. I want to know if you use a parking chair? In Pittsburgh, the parking chair is a big deal. To save your parking space on your street, you put out a plastic chair which basically tells the world, Park Here And Die.

Oddly, everyone respects the parking chair and no one moves it, no matter how desperate they are to park their car.

But in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, a town about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, the parking chair takes on a life of it’s own. Tomorrow about 60,000 people will descend on the hometown to Perry Como and Bobby Vinton, to watch the annual Canonsburg parade. So to ensure a good seat the locals started setting out their chairs as early as this past Sunday.

Like the chairs saving parking spaces, the parade route’s ass-parking chairs are also respected. Folks even link together their chairs with rope and unless you’re a squatter that has illegally put your chair in front of someone’s house without permission, your chair will be there empty until 10:00AM tomorrow when the parade officially beings.

I spent my entire childhood celebrating July 4th in Canonsburg. I remember my Independence Day celebrations the way others remember Christmas. It was an extravaganza of a day. We drove down to Murdock Street early to park at my grandparent’s house. Then we walked to Aunt Carmie’s, next to The Tiny Store and sat on her front porch to watch the parade (thus no parking chairs were required for my family). At noon we headed down to the stadium for races and games and then back to Murdock Street for an afternoon of picnicking and playing with my cousins. Since Grandma Longo’s birthday was also that day, we always had a cake to celebrate.  Around dusk we’d set out our blankets, pull out the sparklers and wait for the paratroopers to sky dive into the stadium – the signal that the fireworks were getting ready to begin.

Oddly enough I moved to a town that also hosts a huge 4th of July celebration. Tomorrow there will be paddle boats in Culler Lake, bands playing everything from rock, to country, to R&B, to alternative music on 4 different stages, a beer garden, tons of vendors selling street food, moon bounces, pony rides as well as folks picnicking all over Baker Park.  But sadly, there’s no parade here in Frederick, MD.  

So no matter how PC people get around here, no one’s really PC at all.


2 responses to “Do You PC?

  1. I think they also use parking chairs in the French Quarter in New Orleans for Mardi Gras parades.

    Funny, isn’t it, that we have racism, and sexism, and hatred and terrorism, but the parking chairs, everyone respects.

  2. I spit my morning coffee out on that one. Thanks TBTAM.

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