Free Ideas

I don’t mean to brag, but I come up with some pretty good ideas. Ideas that I don’t have the time, inclination, interest or means to take to the next level, but good ideas none the less. Rather than keeping these to myself, I’m going to throw them out there because maybe someone reading this has the know-how to make my dreams a reality. So here goes:

Baby-sitting at movie theaters: My grocery store has free sitting services for God’s sake. If they can figure this out, so can Hollywood. For years I waited until a flick came out on DVD because paying for a movie, popcorn AND a sitter was expensive. Plus when I had the luxury of a sitter, I wanted to do something that allowed me to speak and be heard. Had I been able to drop my kid off in a secure, show your photo ID to sign in and sign out, type of room in the cineplex, that would have issued me a vibrating beeper in case of an emergency, I would have gone to the movies weekly when my kids were toddlers and young children. And bonus, the studio heads could market shamelessly to my kids by looping clips to upcoming movies for the 90+ minutes they were being watched. But this service must be FREE. I believe that I spend more than enough on Milk Duds to cover this.

Healthy Fast Food: I’m not even going to explain this. Someone with restaurant and franchising experience needs to create a fast food joint that serves healthy items at a decent price. And I don’t mean salads alongside 800 calorie burgers with 58 grams of fat. A mom should be able to swing through a drive through and get an organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread, carrots with ranch dressing and fruit juice and have a damn toy thrown into the bag. I’m sure she’d grab a chicken or vegetarian wrap to eat on the go as she drives to soccer practice. And feel free to serve sweets and treats, just serve them in the proper portion size that doesn’t sabotage our commitment to health and fitness. It’s way past time for this. Someone needs to get cracking!

Downloadable/Customizable TV: I’m tired of paying for television that I don’t want. I want a customizable viewing experience. I want to block Girls Gone Wild and Extendz penis enlargement informercials, wipe out a majority of the bullshit stations that come with my basic cable and just pay for what I want to watch. There are only a few shows that keep me from going without TV all together. I want my television like my music. I don’t have to download the entire album, I can simply pay for one song. I want the option not to pick just the station, but the shows as well.

Flavor-Profile Cookbook: Similar to how I don’t need directions to places in Iowa but could benefit from learning driving short-cuts and back roads here in my Maryland location, I don’t need more cookbooks for new recipes. I need information on how to use the ingredients, spices, herbs and typical grocery store items that I frequently have on hand. What flavors go together and balance each other out? I want to master simple, fresh, throw-it-together-from-what-you-already-have, cooking. Is there a cookbook out there like that? If not, would somebody please write one?

Clothing Based On Body Shape/Size: Large breasted women with hour-glass curves have different clothing needs than flat-chested women with long torsos and heavier thighs. Yet all the clothes are thrown together and women spend hours sifting through rounders to find something that fits her body type. I want garanimal-type labels that tell me what body type the piece is for. Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style has taught us that women’s bodies aren’t bad, but rather women put the wrong pieces on their body. If you ever watch his show, it’s unbelievable how different (better) someone looks when they pick the right hem length, skirt style, blouse cut, and neck line.

Personally, I’ve gotten better at knowing what looks good on me, but I suck at actually finding these items to purchase. If clothes were labeled this way, I’d spend more money, and the fashion world could could not only customize my shopping experience but also how they market to me!

And while we’re on the subject, I want to be able to send my measurements to someone to input into that nifty computer that Tim uses on his show. Then I want them to email me a list of clothing items that I should focus on as well as ones to avoid. Come on Tim, you work for Liz Claiborn now – make this happen!

That’s it for now. Feel free to throw your ideas in the ring because you never know who’s going to stop by this blog. To anyone out there, feel free to have my ideas, but a little credit would be nice if they make you rich and famous.


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  1. its good but some times take forever for there foods

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