Funniest McCain Visual Ever

I caught this daily show clip last week, but I didn’t post it because hey, why rub salt in an open wound? McCain didn’t really hit any high notes last week while campaigning and it didn’t feel right to kick him while he was down.

But soon after, McCain aired that shitty “celebrity” ad which annoyed me then released an internet ad entitled “The One” that suggests that Obama has a Jesus complex.

McCain, really, you’re not that funny. You’re not that clever. And oh we’re not that stupid. I used to think that you were reasonable and although I’m an Obama supporter, I would listen to what you had to say and see if anything resonated with me. Now, I’m blocking you out like a mom shopping in a grocery store with toddlers. You know what they look like right? Hell, you had to stalk one last week just to get some press time.

Since you claim with your celebrity ad that you were just trying to inject a little humor into the campaign, I’m sure you wont be offended by the clip below that features a piss-your-pants-from-laughing-montage of you.

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2 responses to “Funniest McCain Visual Ever

  1. John McCain reminds me a lot of Dole during the 96 election; terrible in terms of being charming, engaging, interesting or even in conversational command of the issues of the day. Forced smiles. Painful attention to avoidance of saying something not quite the way the staffers said to say it. A constant, pathetic aura of looking to the teacher to see if he done good or not and so forth. He fails, miserably, against his opponent on personality and speaking and communication, just as Dole did, but should, simply on public service record, like Dole, be the hands down, run away winner.

    Like Dole, he is a person who has served and sacrificed for his nation and, though McCain isn’t as squeaky clean as Dole, he certainly has very little in the way of thorough doubts about his character, his motivations and his experience in public service. Dole and McCain are both people who history would never frown on as President. Certainly not like Clinton, JFK or Obama; the sultans of personality over substance.

    John McCain served 26 years in Congress and 22 years in the military. Contrast that to Obama who has served 143 days in Congress and no military service. To my knowledge, his resume is fairly thin, in fact it seems like he has spent his entire senate career running for president rather than actually doing any of the things he’s been promising to do…and we’re about the hand the country to him.

    The Daily Show is indeed hilarious but what I find frightening about it is a whole slew of people form the basis of their politics on it.

    … I sell the things you need to be
    I’m the smiling face on your TV.
    I’m the cult of personality…

  2. I think people are getting their opinions from the pundants that they enjoy, based on their political preferences and the news outlets they follow. To me The Daily Show is a bullshit meter, that tries to keep both sides in check.

    We live in a youth obsessed world, were image is everything. I’m not surprised that the young guy with a hell of an image is doing well, running for president.

    We live in a world were the elderly are passed over and ignored, not honored for their wisdom and experience. I’m not surprised that the old guy running for President isn’t being revered for his years of service.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when the rules that are in place for everything else, come to play in our political process.

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