Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle

Blogger and journalist, Mathew Honan is apparently married to a bike fanatic. His wife is all about her bike, talking about it constantly to anyone that will listen. Then right before the California primary, she became an Obama freak, talking about him non-stop. Eventually Mathew said to his wife, “Barack Obama is your new bicycle.” Within a few hours he took his oddly funny line and created a web site that paid homage to the fervor of Obama followers. A site to spotlight the seemingly small accomplishments of a great man.

Like the time, Barack Obama helped your grandmother across the street. And who can forget the blizzard of ’93 when Barack Obama shoveled the snow from your walkway. Or when right after the chicken dance, Barack Obama danced with your mom at your sister’s wedding. And of course, everyone’s still talking about the time when one of your vocalists came down with a nasty bronchitis bug, Barack Obama sang backup in your band.

Basically it’s just a silly site that got some twitter action and links from other blogs until eventually Howan got a book deal and marketing press from sites like Mother Jones. (You’ve gotta love this country).

Of course the other candidates jumped on the band wagon in a few days. Who can forget hillaryclintonissofuckingpissedtheydidn’

Or wait, did I just dream those? There really is a site online. This last one is kind of funny with things like, John McCain still has his left blinker on, John McCain would remember where he put it if you would just shut up for a few minutes, Dolores and my personal favorite, John McCain thinks you need a haircut, hippy. Basically they are the Chuck Norris sites of the political world.

So enjoy. Just another little distraction so we don’t have to think worry about the real issues of society, namely that Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open and he has destroyed the periodic table because he only recognizes the element of surprise!


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