It’s Finally Done!!!

I’ve been working on a book for 4 years. Or maybe it’s been five? It’s been so long I honestly don’t remember. It’s taken awhile because I collaborated with three friends but truly it was worth the wait. I wrote the words. Kristin Smedley created the art and Tomara Arrington, a graphic designer, pulled it all together. There it is to the right in my sidebar -> Isn’t it cool?

The great thing about collaborating is that I was able to hand over my words to others and trust that they’d bring something spectacular to the table. And they did. In a million years I would have never been able to make my thoughts and ideas so visually interesting.

The e-book is called Confessions Of A Self-Help Junkie and it’s a humorous look at what happens when you get so caught up in being better that you lose yourself in the process. It’s part memoir, part workbook, and definitely part “take-what-you-need-and-leave the rest-behind”.

I think the best self-help books out there aren’t written by experts that tell you how to think and what to do, but the ones that stimulate your thinking, show you that you already know exactly what you need to do, and encourage you to trust your own judgment. Our book attempts to do that without taking itself so seriously.

The other thing I always hated about self-help books was how boring they are. I’m so used to reading information online, that unless I’m reading fiction and using my own imagination, when it comes to non-fiction I want graphics. So we infused our book with color and art to make it fun and interesting to look at, as well. The cover is one of my favorite parts. Doesn’t the gal on the front look just like a self-help freak? She’s smiling that fake smile with her, deer-in-the-headlights eyes and pretending to be fine when deep down inside she’s a freaking, basket-case! I love it!

So here’s the deal. If you currently look like our cover or know others that do – you need our e-book to snap you back to reality. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re a self-help junkie you can figure that out via a free sneak preview. (For a free download of the first few chapters, either click above the picture to the right or go to the “buy the e-book” tab above.)

We’d love some feedback so feel free to leave any book comments on this blog or on the payloadz site itself.


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