The Real “No Spin” Zone

Wow.  A racist democrat is certainly up a creek this election.  And misogynistic, macho, neo-cons?  They must really be shitting themselves right about now. I mean what’s a narrow-minded, politically incorrect, but politically active asshole supposed to do this November?

It’s 2008.  If you’re still a racist or a misogynist, frankly I’d prefer that you stay home and not vote at all. But for the rest of us normal folks, I’m concerned that with so much on the line, voters are going to get lost in the rhetoric.  

Personally, I’m a democrat that votes for the person I think will solve the problem. I don’t just pull a lever and always vote the party. To me that’s a coward’s way to vote that doesn’t require much thought or preparation. That’s like not studying for a multiple choice exam, circling “C” for every question in the hope that you’ll get enough correct to pass. It’s always better to be prepared before giving your answer, yet when it comes to politics, it’s tough to sift the BS and only find the facts.

The other thing I hate about politics, is that on the off chance you do get the facts and only the facts, you must also clump together a bunch of different and competing belief systems to make your pick. Since church and state aren’t separate anymore in this country, you have to piss around with those two systems as well. Honestly, I feel bad for the fiscally conservative, socially liberal voter. This election must be driving them insane.  

People are complicated, thus their ideals and what’s important to them are complicated as well. Election day, historic as it will be, is bringing a lot of issues to the surface and making it harder for folks to make their pick.  

You can’t go by campaign ads as they are misleading and you certainly can’t rely on the news since there are more “commentators” than journalists on the airwaves. My suggestion is to go to Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that spent 16 years and about 6000 volunteers to create the Voter Self-Defense System. Want to know how McCain and Obama actually vote on the actual issues? Just go the site and search by key word. Want to know if a candidate is talking out of both sides of his/her mouth? No problem, Project Vote Smart keeps all public speeches and comments on file as well, allowing you to compare and contrast what they actually said to how they actually voted. If after surfing around you feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information, you can call Project Vote Smart at 1.888.Vote.Smart and a research specialist will look up the information for you.

So I spent the last few days sifting through the actual voting records of both McCain and Obama. I mentioned to my husband that it would be so much easier if everything was in one table. Being the Excel Spreadsheet Freak that he is, he created a hyper-linked table for me and I’m going to share it with you. To make it simpler, he only included the voting records on issues in which both candidates voted. If either had a NV (no vote) he left it out as it doesn’t help to compare and contrast the candidates.

Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to make the hyperlinks in the PDF link to the bill summaries.  To remedy this, if you pull up Obama’s voting record page on Project Vote Smart’s site, you can click on the title of the bill and get a complete description.  Why am I suggesting Obama’s and not McCain’s?  Because Obama’s is shorter so it’s easier to sift through. Everything is alphabetized by issue and dated so you can easily find and click on the bill to better understand what they were actually voting on.  Here’s the table.  


All info was taken from Project Vote Smart’s web site (without permission – YIKES!).  Therefore, here’s another link to make a donation to PVS.  They honestly may be the last organization out there keeping our democracy clean and free of spin.  Please consider donating. I did. 


4 responses to “The Real “No Spin” Zone

  1. not to be difficult, but because Obama is not a senior senator, he pretty much voted the party line. in most cases, so did McCain. i don’t think your spread sheet really helped.

  2. I disagree. I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to have the facts. Since this isn’t a political blog, but I do blog about politics at times and put up clips from The Daily Show, I wanted to keep the site balanced by giving readers a way to get accurate information. What people choose to do with it is up to them.

  3. Thanks for posting the site and for your spread sheet. I tried to be objective when viewing the way each of the senators has voted. In the end, it substantiated what I had already assumed about their voting record. Made me feel even better about my choice for Obama.

  4. Glad it helped, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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