Careful Sarah

I watched Palin’s speech last night. She’s a great public speaker that really seemed to get the crowd excited, energized and frankly, unified. But then again, she made it clear that being a great speaker doesn’t make one a great leader, so I guess her skills as an orator do not count. She also made it clear that her executive experience as a mayor and governor, trump Obama’s senate experience. Hey wait a second, isn’t John McCain merely a senator as well? I’m confused? Can a senator be the president or not? Maybe this should be the Palin / McCain ticket?

Last night there were a lot of chuckles and zingers against Obama’s background as a community organizer. Guiliani was so enamored by his own comedic genius, I thought for sure before he left the stage he was going to remind the crowd to, “Tip your waitress and try the veal – I’m here all week!” His knee slapping led up to Palin’s most famous quote of the night, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”

I’m sure that being a mayor is different from community organizing, but the irony is that most community organizers get involved to fill in the gap created when government doesn’t do it’s job. I wonder how the folks in New Orleans feel about the community organizers that have been helping them for the past three years versus their government that literally left them out to dry. Or what about all of those community organizers helping veterans of our military that come home to inadequate mental health services with nothing more than a pat on the back from the government that sent them into harms way in the first place? And lets not forget those organizers working with our youth regarding contraception and HIV (as an adjunct to their government sponsored, abstinence only education) or those assisting young, unmarried, teenage mothers. You know the ones that due to poverty or skin color aren’t as celebrated as other teens that get pregnant too soon.

The blog, Los Angelista, reminds us that Martin Luther King was a community organizer as were those that worked tirelessly to give women the right to vote.

She gave a great speech. Having a background in communications, I’m always a sucker for an excellent orator. She went for Obama’s jugular which shows her tenacity. She told us a lot of stuff that we already know about John McCain and a little bit more about herself (whom we just met). She mentioned the names of some foreign countries to give her some international cred (Although Fox News did mention that her living so close to Russia gave her a ton of foreign policy experience – huh?). I can’t wait for the debates. I can’t wait to see if McCain can keep the crescendo going or if it’ll hit a wall the second he opens his mouth. Hopefully he’ll have some good opening acts tonight.

And I can’t wait to see what all of those community organizers out there have to say about last night’s commentary. For the party that’s all about less government and people helping themselves, call me crazy, but ripping on the folks that are actually out there doing it seems like a bad idea.


8 responses to “Careful Sarah

  1. You know, when I was watching Palin last night, I thought about you and I’m glad you blogged about it.
    I assume that with all the other issues facing Palin (anti abortion, NRA member, conservation, ect.), if your only complaint was her dissin’ community organizers that she must have done a good job. I know she did a good job, because most of the liberals in the newsroom don’t look to happy today. When asked if they were getting nervous, their reply was “If they win, I’m moving to Canada.”
    I’m just wondering if selecting a female V.P. is a big deal for you? It’s only the second time in history that it’s been done. Have you talk to your daughters about what’s happening – is it historic for you/them – or do you consider it just the GOP pandering to get votes?
    While Obama’s speech was indeed historic at the Dem convention, do females feel the same about Palin’s nomination? Or doesn’t it matter because she’s a Republican?
    All I know is somewhere, Hillary was kicking Bill in the balls last night saying that should’ve been me in the spotlight.
    But when all is said and done, remember no one votes for a V.P. Don’t believe me, two words, Dan Quale.
    Another office Dem said that the GOP is stupid to think that voters will vote of McCain/Palin because she’s a woman. I reminded him that I’m sure some people will vote for Obama because he’s black. Good point he said.
    From both candidates, I still haven’t heard anything concrete about the issues. And even though Obama is all about change, no one can tell me what he’s changed (laws/policy) or what he’s done.
    The bottom line is that the Dems should win this election hands down. As a Republican, Bush has done a horrible job. But I still think that America is still made up of a moderate to conservative bunch. Despite what the liberals will have you think.
    Bush won the last election by winning the heartland and swing states, which is made up by the middle class. These might be the people who cling to much to their “guns and religion,” but they are also the ones who elect presidents.
    I still think the one issue most of the media is missing is race. We’ll see if America is ready for a change. Or will old prejudice prevail when voters cast their ballot?
    Regardless if after the election anyone wants to move out of the country, I’ll gladly help them pack their bags.

  2. It was great to see a woman on the national stage in that capacity. And although seeing a woman in the white house would be great, having that same woman be a contributing factor for millions of other women to lose their reproductive rights is not something I can support.

    I have discussed Palin with my kids and I’m sure we’ll talk more as the election gets closer.

    I think Palin brought in the conservative vote that McCain needed more than anything else. I believe the day following his pick of Palin, James Dobson from Focus On The Family finally endorsed McCain. I don’t believe a liberal supporter of Hillary would vote for a conservative, just because she was female. But all my female republican friends seemed to be really jazzed about Palin, even the socially liberal ones, so maybe I’m wrong on that point.

    Your point about Hillary kicking Bill in the balls, brings up the point – why hasn’t Hillary said anything publicly yet? Will the prospect of a republican being the first woman in the white house make her campaign harder for Obama?

    Needless to say – this just gets more and more interesting every day. The is the first time Gary or I have been this absorbed in the political process. We are constantly talking politics and in the end that’s what my kids are seeing and hearing which is super.

  3. It’s like a really good season of “Survivor.”

  4. I just hope no one goes naked like Richard in the first season. Ugh. But it would be cool if on election night, the loser actually has to have his torch extinguished and told that “the tribe has spoken”.

  5. Interesting post. Found it when I Googled up “non- partisan blogs.” I agree that Palin’s speech was well delivered, but did not find it too substantial, especially given her less- than- factual comments on “the bridge to Nowhere”, Obama’s bills and reforms he’s worked on, and the federal funds she has sought and kept. She sounds as confident and funny as my 21 year old when she gets her dander up about a professor, but she would never talk the same way to their face and I doubt that Miss Sarah will either. Snarkiness doesn’t get the job done in a debate or with questions from the press.
    And while I have a very great respect for Senator McCain I am not certain that the personal qualities that allow a man to survive 5 years in a prison camp are the same qualities that make a good president. That is something I have to think about a bit more. I’ll be back to visit.

  6. I like this Kman. Anyway as I said in some other comments; McCain has 22 years military and 26 years in Congress, Obama’s 143 days doesn’t even hold a candle to McCain. The only way Obama should be in the White Hous is if McCain invites him over for dinner.

    You have to admit that Palin is about the closest thing to a normal Amercan on the ballot in the last 30 years.

  7. Annie H. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear that my blog is consider non-partisan, considering how often I take a cheap shot at republicans – always with a smile as many dear friends/family are of the republican persuasion. I really just want someone to solve the problem, not create more.

    Tom. I think she’s normal in terms of lifestyle, juggling family/work, etc. But in terms of her belief system, only normal to other conservatives. Liberals would find her thinking on certain issues outdated, so I guess it depends on who you ask.

  8. Tom, one more question. Do you believe that McCain will simply continue what Bush/Cheney have done? Or do you believe that he will do his own thing and completely revamp this country?

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