Why Barack Obama? Part 2

Religion and politics do not mix.  Politics accepts the belief that there are two ways to skin a cat.  That’s why we have more than one political party and why our local, state and federal governments are separate.  But religion postulates that there is only one way to skin a cat that has only one life which interestingly enough, isn’t as important as its one and only afterlife.

The political process expects, albeit it, demands the participation of differing beliefs and ideals.  Whereas religion requires the abdication of competing beliefs and ideals for the greater good and of course, the salvation of your soul.

Clearly the two should not mix.

That’s why I’m voting for Obama.


8 responses to “Why Barack Obama? Part 2

  1. So…an Obama administration will allow one to practice their lieing, cheating, thieving ways?

    Don’t beat around the bush. By religion, don’t you mean Christianity? It seems to me in America one has the freedom to chose to worship whatever and whomever they so desire. It just so happens that 76 percent of the country happens to idenify with Christianity. B.F.D.

    Why not just come out and say I’m voting for Obama because I think the Supreme Court has become too conservative and abortion rights are extremely important to me?

    If you’re going to say “politics demand the participation of competing ideas and beliefs”, then why would you choose someone who has no record of ever being bipartisan over someone who actually does?

  2. I believe at the end of my post I said, that’s why “I’m” voting for Obama. “I’m” being the operative word. I didn’t say that’s why “you” should vote for Obama.

    The post is about why politics and religion don’t mix. Be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Paganism, whatever. I find it interesting that yet again you go with your bipartisan statement regarding McCain as if that’s the answer to everything. Yet you say nothing about the focus of the post – why religion and politics don’t mix.

    McCain clearly pandered to the religious right with Palin. I have a problem with that.

  3. “…I think of a man, then I take away reason and” …oh never mind.

    Your blog belies your choice of candidates.

    That’s what you’re not getting. Politics and religion don’t mix, we all know that. The left just wants to keep making it an issue.

    Wasn’t it the evangelicals in Ohio that helped reelect Bush in 2004? Now I ask you, how has Bush’s religion influenced his politics or influenced your life in any way? You’ve so bought into the liberal scare mongering, it’s clouding your judgement.

    No way was the Palin choice a pander to the religious right. It was a pander to the conservative right, like me. Big difference.

    Reread “no nominees for me” from my blog and you’ll see I was not energized for this election.

    I am now.

  4. The day after Palin was chosen, James Dobson put his support behind McCain. Come on. The religious right needed to come on board.

    If you want to talk scare tactics, then I’ll be happy to discuss how in the last election the Bush administration used scare tactics and “terror” to frighten people into voting for him whenever Kerry made any headway. (Give me a minute to find my facts/figures, but if you want them, I’ll find them and site my sources).

    If the leader of the free world doesn’t believe in Evolution, that’s a problem, for me, for you, for everyone. It’s a metaphor for that person’s inability to change, evolve, get better, or adapt. It also speaks of their intelligence and common sense.

    I don’t want to wait until abortions are illegal before I’m personally affected. I live in a country where 1 out of 3 women are sexually assaulted. I live in a house where I am 1 out of 3 women. Statistically speaking, I could very well need or want an abortion. Not because my abstinence program backfired. Not because I’m a slut or lazy or want an easy way out – but because of a violent sexual predator. I have no idea what I will need or want to do. THAT affects me.

    Lastly, I can’t help but notice that as soon as everyone started talking about Palin’s religious beliefs they stopped harping on Obama’s pastor, Reverend Wright. Suddenly the topic is off limits.


    I’ll reread your post. So why are you energized?

    I’ve asked you this before but never got an answer. Do you believe that McCain will govern differently than Bush or do you believe that he will continue with the policies of the Bush administration?

  5. Okay, the next president faces a world much different than 2000 and 2004. Had Bush not had the unprecedented slaughter of 3000 Americans in his first year, who knows where his presidency would have gone?

    Here are some expectations for McCain in no particular order;

    1. Make Bush tax cuts permanent. The last thing you want to do in a recession is raise taxes. As an aside: Oil is now 93.00 a barrel and had it not been for Ike, I think we would be seeing sub-$3.00 a gallon gas. Within the next week or so I think it will happen. This will bode well for the economy in the 3rd Qtr and will further help McCain.

    2. Social Security needs fixed. Whatever the solution is, it needs to include private accounts. Obama will just raise the ceiling.

    3. Healthcare Costs – not health insurance. Something needs to be done to address the skyrocketing costs. The answer is not to insure more people or socialize our system.

    4. Appoint conservative judges.

    5. Iran – why is one of the leading oil producers trying to build nuclear facilities? Its pretty obvious they want to build bombs. What is Obama going to say to them that hasn’t already been said?

    6. GWOT – We need to stay proactive not reactive.

    7. Oil – We all know we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Until alternatives become a economically viable solution and not feel good science projects, domestic drilling has to play a part.

    I have many many more but for the sake of brevity I’ll stop there.

    If tax and spend policies, nailing the oil companies and rescuing people who gambled on risky mortgages and lost is for you, keep to Obama.

    Abortion?? I hate to break it to you but that battle has been lost. Sooner or later, this court will overturn Roe v Wade and the issue will be given back to the states where it belongs.


  6. But you still haven’t answered the question. Do you believe McCain will govern different from or be the same as Bush?

    If you feel so strongly about it – why is it okay to rescue corporations that gambled on risky loan and credit card offerings? Why is saving a company a “bail out”, but helping a person, welfare? Why are irresponsible institutions, “gamblers”, but irresponsible people, “deadbeats and lazy-asses”? Shouldn’t corporations be as accountable as their customers? I thought the free-market economy republicans love is supposed to take care of this, organically, with only the strong surviving? My republican friends are so scared of Obama and his “socialist” ideas. Yet we’re now running the banking and insurance industries. How is that different? Doesn’t this week indicate that traditional republican financial philosophies aren’t what they claim to be and do not create the outcomes promised?

    If I’m missing something here, please explain it to me. I’d really like to understand where you’re coming from. You are obviously a passionate and committed republican – it just doesn’t add up to me. I’m not talking about beliefs – I mean the basic economic policies.

  7. You’re right in the sense that the takeover of AIG is the nationalization of the insurance business. It is corporate welfare and basically rewards greed and irresponsibility. I don’t like it and think we should make them fend for themselves like we did with Lehman Bros.

    However, once you get below the surface, the specifics of the AIG deal seem pretty sound, at least from a taxpayer view. I was against the bailouts of the S&Ls and I’m against this.

    Greed is not partisan. The internet bubble and the foundations of the Enron Scandal of the 90s all happened under he auspices of the Clinton Administration. I’m not blaming them, I merely using that as an example.

    The thing you’re not getting about a free-market economy is is that it isn’t really free. Generally, these things happen because of government interference not due to a lack thereof.

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act that originated in the first Bush Term essentially put accountants in the driver’s seat. This whole notion of fair value, mark to market and accounting standards in general need to be reformed.

    More recently, Congress mandated substandard lending to low-income groups. And as the high-risk loans mounted, this Democratic controlled Congress — under the gun of political contributions — continued to promote the excesses of lenders, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Do you know which presidential candidate Fannie and Freddie gave received second to the most in political contributions? I’ll give you a hint; it wasn’t McCain.

    As far as the question of McCain governing ala Bush; if you’re going to force me into a yes or no answer then my answer is yes and no.

    Yes, I expect McCain to be a man of principle who will toss public approval to the wind to do what would be best for the country and the world in general. I’ve given you some of my expectations; I don’t know what else I can say.

    No, in that McCain will not have the benefit of a Republican Congress for at least the first two years of his term.

    As I have said, the dynamics have changed.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to write that out. I appreciate your honesty. As long as I can follow someone’s logic, I’m cool, even if I don’t agree with it. You’ve obviously put a lot of time, thought and research into your point of view, which I can respect. Hopefully you’ve read this blog enough to feel the same about me.
    Enjoy your weekend,

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