Time To Go Elizabeth

The Default Look Anytime Anyone Questions Palin's Qualifications   EH’s Default Expression

I LOVE to watch The View.  I DVR it and watch the hot topics everyday but I’ve just about had it with Hasselbeck.   Although I rarely agree with Elizabeth on anything political, I enjoy an opposing point of view at the table and can respect her knowledge on certain topics.  What is driving me crazy lately is her inability to ever say, “Gee, you’ve got a point there,” or “Hmm, I’ve never thought of it that way.”  Any time anyone at the table questions McCain or Palin, no matter how reasonable, she has that stupid-ass look on her face, as if the person talking is speaking Greek to her.

They were talking about Palin yesterday, discussing how much she’s being prepped for the debate tonight and Barabara’s comment (to paraphase) was wondering aloud if Palin’s prep was similar to cramming for a midterm where you’re only able to keep the facts straight in your brain long enough to take the exam, but you forget everything the next day as soon as the test is over.

It’s a fair question.  Elizabeth of course was highly offended and bewildered as to why anyone would question Palin’s intelligence, experience or preparedness not only for the debates but for the VP job itself.

Really?  REALLY?   

Then the fur began to fly on the air until Whoopi brought up the fact that Palin is a stranger to us and we’re running out of time and frustrated that we haven’t heard from her more often.  She’s got a point and as usual, Elizabeth missed it completely.   

The fact is we just met Palin on a blind date at the end of August and she hasn’t been taking our phone calls lately.  When we talked that night, she spent a lot of time telling us about herself and we fell under her spell.  She is easy on the eyes and so confident that honestly, it was a hell of turn on. But then on the second date, she was like an old lady, telling us the same stories and jokes that we had already heard. It concerned us and we started to notice that any time we hooked up she got very flustered when we tried to converse with her.  So she’d babble and if we asked her to clarify anything she seemed distracted and too comfortable falling back on cutesy comments and feisty remarks. Add to that the fact that last week she would just walk on by because she was “too busy” to stop and chat and what are we supposed to think? What, we were supposed to just admire her from afar?  Please.  

So we sent our friend Katie Couric over to talk with her.  I know it’s pretty high school to send in a friend to pump her for information but what choice did we have?  Her Dad’s a control freak and has her on a short leash which didn’t help our relationship at all.  If anything it confused us even more.

Now she wants to “have a talk” tonight, (although I suspect she’ll be doing most of the talking) and this is supposed to give us enough information to decide if we want to be in an exclusive relationship or not. Are you kidding me?  We just met.  Why can’t we just date a while and get to know each other and see what happens?

But then she let it slip that she plans on moving to Washington, DC this January.  She’s gotta find a place soon so she can coordinate the cross country move and with the holidays right around the corner, a grandchild on the way, a wedding to help plan and her own little kids at home to take care, she’s made it clear that she needs a commitment and needs it now.  

Get this.  We have to tell her in a month.  

A MONTH!? Can you believe that?  We’ve know her what, six weeks, and we’ve got a month to decide whether or not we want to move in with her?  Oh and there’s more.  She’s signing a 4-year lease if she gets to Pennsylvania Avenue!  So if it doesn’t work out, we’re stuck with her until 2012.  

To be honest, I’m a little annoyed.  Annoyed that Sarah’s keeping me in the dark.  Annoyed that her Dad had her grounded all week and wouldn’t let her out of the house with our relationship on the line. 

Mostly, I’m annoyed that Hasselbeck doesn’t get why I’m annoyed.

I heard a rumor that Hasselbeck will make a move to Fox soon.  She should go (although making her an anchor person is a bad idea).  She’s not a journalist and they shouldn’t pretend that she is, but I’m sure she’d have great ratings and do a hell of a job for them in another capacity. Meanwhile, The View should find a conservative with a temperament like Whoopi.  Someone older and wiser that can give her opinion in a calm, reasonable, manner.  Someone not shocked by an intelligent question.


2 responses to “Time To Go Elizabeth

  1. you know i hate elizabeth. she’s young and too resistant to others ideas. she has no life experience yet. but i was going to call you because i actually felt sorry for her at that moment when whoopi said that we don’t know sara and i waited to see what she would do and all she could do was give that stupid expression. i thought she’s got you and you don’t know what to do. i can’t believe that didn’t make the news, now had it been that big loud lesbian…

  2. That’s a good point. They (the press) are quick to report that the “gals at The View” were arguing, but haven’t made a point to pit one against the other, as they did with Rosie/Elizabeth. Back when Rosie was on, Joy would rip into Elizabeth often, yet the press only reported on the “Rosie/Elizabeth Feud”.

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