Who Caused the Economic Crisis?

I’ll give you a hint?


FactCheck.org has a nice summary article on this.  No spin.  No bullshit.  Just information written in a straightforward way for readers without a PhD in economics. 

I think the folks that run our country need to have a Dr. Phil moment.  Do they want to be right or do they want to solve the problem?  

I guess only time will tell.


2 responses to “Who Caused the Economic Crisis?

  1. I love really love FactCheck.org and subscribe to it’s email updates. This one got past me and so thanks for highlighting it.

    I work about two blocks from the Wall Street stock exchange, in the financial sector’s periphery, and at my job I’m grabbing people’s purses and lapels and pointing them to The Giant Pool of Money episode from last May’s This American Life. On October 3 TAL gave us part 2: Another Show. NPR also started a related podcast, Planet Money. The producers deserve a Pulitzer for their work.

  2. Thanks so much for links. I started to listen to the first one and this whole mess is starting to make sense. I look forward to listening to the rest.

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