Faith Based Voting


When you hear the term faith-based, you might think of organizations that are religious as opposed to government-run or secular groups.  I’m not talking about decisions that are religious in nature, but those that require a leap of faith in general.

Carolyn Myss in her book, Anatomy Of Spirit says that when you make a fear based decision, you can pretty accurately estimate where you’ll end up, but when you make a faith based decision you find yourself in places that you never dreamed possible.

For example, if you stay in a job that you hate out of fear of losing benefits,  having to switch your 401K plan or moving to a new city, it’s easy to figure out where you’ll be 6 months from now.  By staying in your comfort zone, you can basically predict your future.

Taking a chance on a new job in a new town means that you have no idea where you’ll end up. Unless you’re a soothsayer or sage, there’s no way to predict what will happen to you and it’s the not knowing that is frightening.  But the beauty of this approach is that you also have the potential to end up in places you never even dreamed possible.

During this election, we’ve spent a lot of time being encouraged to make a fear based choice.  We’ve been told to fear Obama because he “pals around with terrorists” or is a “socialist” or is “anti-American”.  He’s “too risky”, “too radical” and “lacks experience” to be our next President.  Over and over again we’ve been asked to stick with what we know and literally fear what we don’t know.

It’s not a bad way to vote.  It’s secure and predictable because we already know what happens when an elderly, conservative, republican, male gets into power.  We have a lot of problems to solve in this country, so I can understand why voters would want to play it safe this November.

But a faith-based choice, entrenched in optimism and hopefulness can lead us to people, places, things and situations outside of our radar.  Taking a chance and leaving our comfort zone could create realities we’ve never even fantasized about.

I think a lot of people voted out of fear in 2004 and as we’ve seen, it didn’t make our lives or our country better.  So this election day I’m taking a chance on the young guy with the new ideas and the funny name and the mixed-race background. I have no idea where we’ll end up but I’m cool with that because I fear staying stagnent a hell of a lot more than any future unknowns.


4 responses to “Faith Based Voting

  1. Have fun voting. Just remember in the words of the great group Metallica
    (from the song “King Nothing”

    “Careful what you wish
    Careful what you say
    Careful what you wish
    You may regret it
    Careful what you wish
    You just might get it”

    If the Dems sweep, I hope they are held up to the same scrutiny that the GOP has been.
    BTW, print out Hussein plan from his Web site and see how many campaign promises he keeps during the next four year. With him at the helm and the Senate in his pocket, it should be easy to bring sweeping “change.” Can’t blame the GOP anymore if this happens. The pressure and the responsibility falls on the Dems.
    We’ll see if he is the “Chosen One” or just another liberal.
    I’m hoping he’s all that everyone makes him out to be. At least now he can get back to work and stop running for president. LOL
    BTW, if McCain has 700 million to spend on his campaign, the liberals would be crying that he’s another rich, evil Republican trying to buy the election. I’m just saying …

  2. I hear you. Will he do everything he promised? Hell no. But I’m tired of people trying to scare the shit out of me to earn my allegiance. Bush/Cheney did it and McCain/Palin are trying to do it. If you want my vote, then earn it by appealing to my intellect, not my most basest of fears.

    Also, for the last 8 years I haven’t thrown up in anyone’s face the fact that they voted for Bush, which I’m assuming you did. So if McCain does win, and he very well may, then you’re on notice because as Pollyanna as you may think I am, I do know one thing for sure:

    The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.

    Until tomorrow K-Man.

  3. Two words: Tax-free municipal bonds.
    Don’t know about Md., but in Pa., they are free from state and local taxes. This way, you’ll have enough $$ to put the girls through college. (Doesn’t’ matter who wins, taxes are going up, up,up). With muni bonds, the government can’t get their hands on it. 🙂
    And no, I’m not going to “flip-flop,” I did vote for Bush.
    Just can’t wait for all this “change.” That’s the only thing I’ll have left in my pocket once the “Savior” win.
    Hee Hee, just having fun. Have a wonderful day. Gotta get back to work.

  4. Love you lots. As always, thanks for stopping by the blog.

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