Back To Reality


It’s been a week.  Time to come down from the post-election frenzy and get back to your pre-election way of life.  No more stress eating in front of the TV while late night pundit surfing.  Time to get back to the exercise routine that’s been on hold due to excessive and obsessive political blog reading.

I wonder how many people gained weight during this past election season? Personally, I didn’t overeat, but I definitely abandoned my workout schedule.  I was up late flipping between Fox and MSNBC most nights which required staying up long enough for John Stewart to give me comic relief.  I was so tired most mornings that I had no desire to get on the treadmill. Besides, I needed to check the internet and make sure nothing of consequence had happened while I was sleeping.

My blogging certainly slipped. My brain was so fried with political tidbits it was hard to think of anything else.  Writing about the idiosyncrasies of my day didn’t seem worthy of the time or effort.  Only blogging about political stories on a non-political blog seemed annoying so I spent my time reading posts in lieu of writing them.

I thought I’d wake up Wednesday pumped and ready to face life with a renewed vigor, but instead I was even more lackadaisical.  Once the stress and tension of not knowing was gone, the exhaustion set in and honestly, it took me a few days to feel like I was back to normal.

So yesterday I worked out and cooked a creative, well balanced dinner.  Today I’m blogging.  Tomorrow? Who knows what I’ll cross off of my “to do” list but I do know that I have to make it official.  No more talking smack on Johnny Mac or Sarah Palin jokes.  I officially have more important things to do like working on my next book, performing isometric ass exercises each morning and picking up the dog shit in the yard.

What daily activities do you need to get back to?


4 responses to “Back To Reality

  1. Funny, I actually worked out more – the TV in the exercise room in our building was always on CNN, so I used exercise asmy excuse to feed my news addiction.

    What I did not do was blog – when faced with my computer screen, I was compelled to search for the latest Palin dirt, read Huffington, Daily Kos and Talking Points, watch Obama videos and cruise the right wing websites so I could be on my toes for their next move.

    I’m still doing all that, but given there’s not much news, I get through the whole thing quicker and then go on to my blog.

    Today I found myself wondering if getting into politics would be fun. Actually, that’s something you should think about doing. You have a real point of view, you’re smart, you have a magnetic personality….

  2. That’s very kind. If only I had more political knowledge. I think we’re all political because politics affects us all so it elicits strong opinions. Like religion it’s one of those things you can have an opinion on, even if you’re not knowledgeable on the topic. Thus, I think the best political sites are the ones that are inspired by strong opinions but also backed by knowledge either of history, political science or both. Whereas my goal is to empower others to get clear on their opinions (political or otherwise), feel comfortable expressing them, acting on them – fun stuff like that.

    I don’t think my skin is thick enough to have a straight political blog. But it was cool to dabble in it for a little while.

    I definitely think you should blog about the political implications of healthcare. It’s always bothered me that a bunch of politicians are trying to figure out healthcare for this country. It should be placed in the hands of those in the know. I’m sure that you and your contemporaries could lend us all some amazing insight and more importantly – functional solutions – so I say go for it!

  3. Lisa in Frederick

    anything. everything. yoga, quilting, soapmaking, paying the bills. i haven’t done squat in months!

  4. Time to get back on that horse. I’ve worked out twice this week already, so that feels good. You can do it. I’d definitely start with paying the bills then work from there. 🙂

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