Saved By You Tube

Usually if you use the internet to self diagnose and treat yourself it’s a bad idea.  Surf the web long enough and you’ll be convinced that you suffer from a whole host of illnesses, so you can imagine my surprise when an article about Janet Jackson and a You Tube video cured me of my dizziness.

My problems started back in July when I suffered a double concussion.  A CT scan and MRI were both unremarkable yet I was frequently dizzy.  I couldn’t be inverted in any way so yoga was out as was searching the bottom shelf at the public library or weeding my garden. Tipping my head back was the worst.  Taking the last sip from a can of pop or reaching for something up high inside a cupboard was a problem.

Chiropractic adjustments gave me some relief and a course of cranial sacral therapy helped here and there, but I couldn’t go an entire day without feeling the room spin.  I should have gone to a doctor, but I had already seen an Urgent Care doc and a Johns Hopkins Neurologist so I wasn’t in the mood for more experts and tests. My plan was to give my grey matter six months to heal on it’s own and if the dizziness continued, I would seek out experts then.

In the meantime I read online that Janet Jackson was canceling concerts due to suffering from vestibular migraines.  A few clicks later I was reading about Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and suddenly I understood why sometimes upon waking I would be dizzy for hours.  Little crystals in my inner ear had been dislodged and needed to be put back in place.

Then voila I found my magic bullet:  The Epley Manuever.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ninety seconds later my dizziness was gone. I couldn’t believe it – saved by You Tube.

Warning:  Apparently Physical Therapists and many ER Docs are experts in this technique.  I did it at home on my own, but keep in mind my dizziness wasn’t severe.  If you’re suffering from extreme dizziness you’re better off seeing a health professional so that you don’t lose your balance and hurt yourself in an attempt to get well.
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3 responses to “Saved By You Tube

  1. Crazy huh? I just wish the Urgent Car Doc had been aware of this – might have saved me some lost months. Hopefully someone will view this and add it to their treatment repertoire.

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