Finally Seeing The Light

My daughter celebrated her birthday last month and I actually got in one of the photos due to carrying the cake out to the birthday girl.  I didn’t pose or even think about how I looked.  It was my daughter’s birthday, not mine and the focus of the picture was her, not me.

When I downloaded the photos and came across the one that included me I couldn’t help but notice that I looked like shit!  But a funny thing happened next.  Instead of silently, bitching and moaning about how fat I am, a logical, sensible thought went through my brain.  Truth be told, I was wearing the most unflattering, ugly, poorly proportioned, boxy, sweatshirt that I owned.  To add insult to injury, it had a sheepskin-like texture which would add girth to anyone.

Please allow the following photo to be placed into evidence:


Me wearing non-Tim Gunn approved apparel.

The old me would have used the moment as an excuse to pig out on left-over birthday cake or run out in desperation to the As Seen On TV kiosk at the mall to buy an Ab-Roller.  But the post-40, smart, fabulous, I’ve watched enough Tim Gunn to know better, me did something very out of character.  I made the connection that many items in my closet in no way represented my body or style and therefore are not a personification of who I am.

Because I knew the truth about my body underneath that ugly sweatshirt, the next day I prayed to the fashion Gods, asked myself, “What Would Tim Gunn Do?” and within a few hours had removed every outdated, poorly fitting piece of clothing from my wardrobe.  I had a pile of pants and skirts to take to be altered, a large pile for Good Will as well as a pile for the garbage.  All aspirational clothes (you know, the clothes you’re going to wear just as soon as you lose five pounds) were also given away.  I was left with a much smaller selection, a lot of black and a clear idea of what I need to purchase (jackets, wrap dresses, a few more skirts, more colorful items and at least 2 more bras).

Further photographic proof that the clothes make the woman:

See, I do have a waist.

See, I do have a waist.

Here’s another photo that I didn’t pose for because when you’re letting it all hang out, things tend to, well, all hang out.  Yet as you can see above, when I wore a shirt that better flattered my shape, even an unflattering photo (of me drunk singing karaoke no less) turned out okay.

So dear reader, I ask you.  Do you need to see the light?  Are you too hard on yourself when it comes to your body?  Does your closet need a makeover?  Are you waiting to lose weight and looking like hell in the meantime?

Get some damn clothes that fit!  The economy is collapsing around us, so give away what you don’t want or need and you’ll make someone’s day.  Most importantly, tune in to Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style so you too can learn that it’s not always your body that’s the problem.  Often times it is what you choose to put on your body that’s the problem.

What I love about Tim’s show is that no one loses weight, they simply learn how to dress and they look absolutely phenomenal by the end of the hour.  Sure they get a new haircut and makeup tips but the only bodily changes are due to dressing correctly for their sillohuette and proportions.  It really is must-see TV for anyone that struggles with their body image.


9 responses to “Finally Seeing The Light

  1. I do love that show. And you do look great, even drunk!

    BTW, I did not think you looked fat in the pink shirt. No one expects that kind of shirt to show off a waistline. But there’s nothing in it to suggest that therw’s a pot belly under there either.

  2. I do love that show. And you do look great, even drunk!

    BTW, I did not think you looked fat in the pink shirt. No one expects that kind of shirt to show off a waistline. But there’s nothing in it to suggest that therw’s a pot belly under there either.

  3. I totally see your point and agree- sweat shirts aren’t flattering and the the one I was wearing wasn’t tight – but I just wanted to make the point that we’re all too hard on ourselves, expecting to look fabulous in everything we put on when clearly some clothes make everyone look bad.

    I will say that getting dressed is so much easier now that I have less items and when I shop I must absolutely love it to buy it.

    I’ve had 2 failed shopping trips in the past month and didn’t leave upset. I just left with the understanding that I hadn’t stumbled on the right garment for me and will try some other stores to ensure that I don’t settle for something just to cross it off my “to do list” rather than waiting to find something that fits me well.

  4. Although we did just learn that with a pear shape that the color should be on top. I think that is a hard one because we all like black so much.

  5. Black is a big part of my much smaller closet. Jamie Lee Curtis only wears black and white now – I could totally do that.

  6. I cannot say I understand you ladies who have trouble shopping. I LOVE IT, I can always find something I like and don’t really worry about the fit. If I get bigger, I just by a bigger size, NO PROBLEM> Maybe that is why I have a closet the size of my garage and no money. Maybe I should learn from you all who are more frugal and have difficulty shopping. My motto is quantity and not quality. GOD THAT SOUNDS
    AWFUL. Maybe this true confessions will be catalyst for change.

  7. Bobbi you could have your own style show. My only thought is that you seem to have an innate sense of style, know what looks good on you, really enjoy shopping, etc. Growing up I only bought something when I needed it – I never shopped just to shop, so it was always work to me. It’s just now getting fun and not feeling like a drag. I say after the holidays, you and I go shopping together. Imagine what you could teach me!! 🙂

  8. I recently read that you can save time and money by building a wardrobe around 3-5 colors that look good on you. It gives you more things to mix and match and reduces the number of accessories. I thought this sounded boring, but once I thought about it, my closet is mostly made up of only a different few colors.

    Also, since you need less accessories, you can spend a little more on the ones that you love. A lot of times, it’s the accessories that make an outfit, especially if the clothes fit right.

  9. I apologize – I never responded to this comment and it was a great one. I agree with you completely and I honestly believe I could have an entire wardrobe of just black and white and be done with it. Bobby, whom commented earlier is GREAT with accessories and it really makes every outfit of her special. She also makes a lot of her own jewelry, so she can customize without spending a lot.

    The other thing I noticed about myself – I gravitate toward solids and not that many patterns so accessories matter in a wardrobe like mine because you can more easily notice them.

    Thanks for the tips!

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