The Doghouse

Thanks to Tom for this great video. I was going to only send it to my husband, but I figured that lots of men might need a reminder this time of year.

Good luck to all you clueless, Dual Bags out there.

more about “The Doghouse“, posted with vodpod

7 responses to “The Doghouse

  1. Should’ve bought a Dyson

  2. So funny! Hey isn’t that what you got Deb last year?

  3. There must be something wrong with me. I would love a new vaccuum!

  4. yep, and it’s lovely just like her!!! She wants one for every room.

  5. Kman – I agree one for the upstairs and one for downstairs to make her cleaning easier and then you don’t have to pull yourself away from watching sports on TV to lug it up the steps for her. You’re so thoughtful.

    Bobbi – the Dyson is nice – I understand why you’d want one. 🙂

  6. the only problem with the video is there also should be mother in laws there. i got a vacuum from mine our first xmas together.

  7. CLG – That would be hysterical.

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