Every Conservative Christian’s Must Have Christmas Gift: A Gay Friend

To all of the right-wingers that have yet to pen their letters to Santa, I humbly suggest the following fashionable must-have to add to your list:  You need to get yourself a gay friend this Christmas.

Please understand that the gay guy you say hi to each morning at the bus stop doesn’t count.  He’s your gay acquaintance.  I’m talking about a real friend.  A “call-each-other-up-and-talk-about-your-problems” type of pal.  Or a “go-to-lunch-once-a-month” buddy.  You know, a “we’re-close-enough-to-discuss-politics-religion-and-suspicious-moles” type of friend.

This is important because a true friend is someone that you admire, support and want to succeed.  If you have a gay friend that you care about, you’ll want them to have rights.   A gay friend would stop you from attempting to own the concept of marriage and allowing ancient dogmas to trump modern-day logic.

It’s too easy to have opinions about “those gay people” when you don’t know any of them.  Just as I wouldn’t trust a movie reviewer that’s only viewed a trailer or a book critic that’s only read an excerpt, I’m shocked that folks would make a decision this important without first hand knowledge of the people they are affecting.  So this Christmas ask Santa for a gay friend, get to know him or her and make 2009 the year you make an informed decision about an issue that affects millions of families.

I realize that many of you, as tolerant as you are, aren’t going to run out and find yourself a group of gays to hang with, so for you allow me to offer a different approach.  Something tells me that if you’re a Prop 8 supporter you might also be a pro-lifer as well which has got me thinking…. Did it ever occur to you that gay couples unable to physically procreate are here specifically to adopt all of the babies born when a women chooses not to have an abortion?  Could the gays, of all people, be the answer to your pro-life prayers?

I realize that would certainly be a kick in the ass, you not only tolerating gays but actually needing them, but think about if for a moment. Many of you believe that a baby’s right to life trumps a mother’s right to life, thus shouldn’t a baby’s right to a loving family graced with all of the legal and social protections that marriage provides, trump your need to keep it only between a man and a woman?

I know it’s a lot to think about and it is perfectly okay to be scared.  Leaving your comfort zone is always difficult.  You’re going to need to pray about this, because to make this connection you’ll have to move away from tolerating it (i.e., putting up with homosexuality even though you think is wrong) and move toward actually accepting it (i.e., come to recognize homosexuality as a perfectly respectable form of intimacy).

But if you can accept a virgin birth and wise men following a star to get to a king born in a stable,  I would think that accepting and embracing love in all of it’s forms shouldn’t be too much of a stretch this time of year.


2 responses to “Every Conservative Christian’s Must Have Christmas Gift: A Gay Friend

  1. Brilliant.
    My Christmas wish is that this message reaches even ONE of the people who needs it.

  2. From your lips to their God fearing ears.

    Thanks – I appreciate that.

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