To Send Or Not To Send…

Truth be told, I have plenty of time to create, order, sign, address and mail out a bunch of holiday cards.  I just don’t want to. Well let me rephrase that: I just don’t wanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnna!  I don’t feel like it.

What’s interesting is that when I mention this to others, they agree and are encouraging me to blow this tradition off.  I’ve yet to meet anyone that expresses any joy from sending holiday cards which makes me wonder why everyone does it?

Cards used to fill a void for people that hadn’t spoken to each other in a while.  With email, online social networking sites and unlimited long distance, it’s not that hard or expensive to keep in touch with people anymore.  Likewise, with email, digital photos and advances in printing it’s not that hard or expensive to send holiday greetings, either physically  or electronically.

I’ve significantly cut back on my spending and the number of gift exchanges that we’ll participate in this season. I’ve shopped less, decorated less, entertained less and baked less so perhaps my anti-card stance is simply an organic extension of this new attitude.  But I have to be honest, as freeing as it is, it feels a little weird to break from so many traditions.  Makes me wonder what other changes are down the pike for 2009 that I’ll have to adjust to.

What are you doing different this Christmas?  And regarding cards, are you sending them out this year?


3 responses to “To Send Or Not To Send…

  1. I guess I really am weird, I wouldn’t mind a vacuum for my anniversary and i love to send out christmas cards!!!

  2. You’re not weird – but now that you’ve advertised your love of Christmas card sending – I’ll be expecting one. 🙂

  3. i don’t love sending them, but i do love getting them. i want to see my old college buddies kids and how they’ve changed. i don’t really want them from neighbors and people i see all the time, but i feel obligated to send them to those people.

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