Friending The Nip On Facebook

Artist Phil Hansen challenged Facebook’s “no nipples” rule when he created his profile picture. I went to his Facebook page and it’s not up there (sniffle, sniffle, sob, sob) so I’m guessing Facebook won.

Regardles, this artist is absolutely amazing. My favorites so far are his Jimi Hendrix picture made completely of match sticks that he lit on fire as well as his female portrait made from frozen, red and white wines.

The guy creates art from anything:  Oreos, syringes, chewed up pastries from Starbucks and yes, even his own pee.  Sounds gross until you figure that most men are proud to put their initials in the snow.  This guy drew a damn good likeness of Lassie with his urine, which frankly, I find impressive.

To phil-in-the-circle I say, “Bravo” from enter-the-circle.  My hat is off to you fine, sir.

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One response to “Friending The Nip On Facebook

  1. That guy is so amazing, I just kept looking at the art trying to figure out how he did it. He is some kind of non human, that’s just amazing!

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