See Ya Georgie Boy

In 2001 George Bush never got out of his limo on his rainy, inauguration day.  If you remember, many felt that he stole the election and eggs were actually thrown at his car.  Perhaps that type of foreshadowing should have clued us in on what was about to happen.

Let’s hope that the energy of this inaugural is a prediction of what is to come.



3 responses to “See Ya Georgie Boy

  1. Saw on Fox News today that it’s so cold in D.C. that hell has frozen over. Any truth to that? lol. enjoy and let’s hope CHANGE really comes.

  2. Let’s see Obama fummbled in the first sentence of the oath confusing Justice Roberts next line to speak. If that’s not bad enough we have people dying to leave the luncheon! A sign America is heading for the Coma of their life in the coming days??
    Where white makes right? How could Obama allow such speech? Racism is ALIVE and well in America with CHANGE back to PAST!
    Throw the eggs we can walk away from it!

  3. Jay,
    I find it interesting that we both watched/heard the same images and saw different things and walked away with different feelings/conclusions. But I’m curious if you find that fascinating or frightening? You know, having a conversation with someone that doesn’t think like you?

    To be fair – I thought Obama had messed up as well until I read that actually Justice Roberts didn’t read it correctly.

    My second issue with your comment – Kennedy had a seizure which is defined as “uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain” which is basically the opposite of a coma.

    So getting back to your metaphor – uncontrollable electrical activity in people’s brains that might foreshadow uncontrollable activity in all of us – works for me! I hadn’t thought of that all – thanks so much for pointing it out.

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