It’s Snuggie Time!

I’m sitting here in front of the fire reflecting on my next post when I realized that I didn’t blog about the fashionable and fabulous Snuggie that I got for Christmas from my husband.  

Yeah, you read that right.  

There were two gifts for me under the tree.  Gary said this year I was going to be impressed with what he had picked out for me as he had put a lot of time and energy into his choices.  The first gift was a cookbook that he had researched extensively.  Gary felt that Alton Brown’s, I’m Just Here For The Food  was perfect for me as it combine recipes with the science behind the cooking that once mastered, I could apply to my day to day culinary needs.  Gary was absolutely right – it is a great cookbook that explains concepts more than just showcasing recipes – which is why I bought myself a copy 2 years ago.

Busted.  One gift down.  One to go.

I could tell Gary was disappointed so I pointed out that buying a book I already owned only proved how well he knew me and how connected we are.  And I honestly believed that until I opened box number two and pulled out a picture of my gift that was on back order.

Is this an ad for a blanket or porn for priests?

Is this an ad for a blanket or porn for priests?

A Snuggie!  Wow.  That’s a great gift,” I said in a way that would leave Meryl Streep begging me for tips and pointers.

“I know how much you like to get up early and write. I thought this was perfect for those cold mornings by the fire.  You could stay warm AND type. Cool huh?” 

You betcha.

The problem was, I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not.  For weeks my daughters and I had been make fun of the Snuggie commercials.

 Read a book.


Join a Monestary.


 Give Communion


Become a Jedi Master

May The Warmth Be With YOu

May The Warmth Be With You



I thought maybe it was a gag gift, so I pulled my daughter aside and asked, “Was your dad serious about the Snuggie?  Did he really order me one or was he joking?”

“Oh no, Mom. He’s serious.”

“Does he not know that we make fun of the commercial constantly?” I asked.

“Apparently not.”

“What are you guys whispering about?”  Gary asked.  “You don’t like the Snuggie.  That’s it, right?”

Needless to say the truth came out.  As my friend’s 10-year-old daughter pointed out, you could save the $20 and simply wear your robe backwards.  The Snuggie is just one of those great ideas that looks too ridiculous to catch on with the public.  Like the Umbrella Hat:

See even a tough guy in camo can't pull off this look.  What chance do you and I have?

See even a tough guy in camo can't pull off this look. What chance do you and I have?

Or the beer hat:

Sadly, you still see a few of these at tailgates.

Sadly, you still see a few of these at tailgates.

I will say this.  The Snuggie is warm and the free book light is nice.  The neighbor girl slept over and chose the Snuggie over her sleeping bag.  Our really tall friend Paul was cold a few weeks ago while watching the Steeler game.  We pulled out the Snuggie and damn it if he wasn’t covered from head to toe yet still freed up to drink his beer and nosh.  My only complaint is that it needs a velcro closure at the back of the neck to keep it around your body.

Word got out a few days after Christmas that I had received such a fabulous gift.  When the other husbands started to taunt Gary, asking if he planned on getting me The Clapper next year or maybe a Chia Pet, it inspired him to not only head to the jewelry store but to take my teenage daughter with him to help pick out something else.  

Paige had my back.  He had his hand on a watch with hearts all over the band and she straightened him out pronto, directing him to the diamonds.  

So it all worked out in the end.   




12 responses to “It’s Snuggie Time!

  1. I have Snuggie envy!

  2. Gary will be thrilled!

  3. Snugglies are only good gifts if they come with “THE FETCHER” – the person (husband, child, etc) who gets up and gets you things you forgot to get before you snuggles down. Now THAT’s a gift I could go for…

  4. You are so right! I’ve almost killed myself twice, tripping on the end of my Snuggie while walking to refill my coffee mug. Fingers crossed that I get a Fetcher for my birthday! 🙂

  5. hey, Aunt Linda, thanks for the shout out

  6. i’m can’t help agonizing over which is better, either the Snuggie or the Slanket…

  7. I think in terms of colors and fun website images – you’ve got to go Slanket. But in terms of price, you’ve got to go with the Snuggie.

    I hadn’t heard of the Slanket. Ironically the picture of the lady on the leather couch is from the Slanket website – not the Snuggie one. To check out the Slanket go to:

    Coffee – thanks for the heads up.

  8. OH we snark on the snuggie all the time. Fun present.

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  10. Ok I know I’m late on this but you had me laughing out loud because guess what I got for Christmas from Steve probably within the same hour as you? That’s right sista! cept mine is a vibrant blue and my book light was busted. The next gift I opened (while all cozy) was a
    23 years and he still doesn’t know he pays someone to take the dead skin off my feet once a month. 😦

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