I’ve Seen My Future And Her Name Is Helen

In July of 2007 and man named Matthew thought his 82-year-old grandmother, Helen (that was living in Texas) might like to blog and converse with her best friend from college, Margaret (that was living in Maine).  So he set them up on WordPress and Margaret and Helen was born. 

They quietly began to post/converse back and forth and I’m guessing their blog was a place for friends and family to stop by.  But then in October of 2008 in the thick of the election, Helen, decided to do what women in their 80’s do best – speak her mind about the candidates.  That post entitled, Sarah Palin is a Bitch…there I said it resulted in over 1000 comments and if I’m understanding the FAQ’s correctly, their site became so popular that they had to change their last names and remove some earlier posts as those contained too many personal details to safely remain online.

To date Margaret and Helen has close to 1.4 million hits.  Once Helen released her inner political pundit, it became the place to go for liberal commentary.  They even have a store that sells T-shirts that say: Old enough to know better – young enough to not give a rat’s ass!  Tote bags that proclaim, I Call Bullshit! as well as mugs that remind us that Old Ladies Speak Their Mind. Deal With It.  

Helen does most of the blogging, although Margaret calls Helen and phones in her opinions and ideas for Margaret to type into posts.  Matthew, Helen’s grandson is the web master and claims that the blog is keeping his grandma young.

What I absolutely love about this blog is that they have wisdom and experience to back up their opinions.  Helen is fierce in her beliefs yet they come from a place of logic.  The fact that she’s funny as hell and a terrific writer gives me more pleasure that I can possibly put into words.  And bonus – she even has her own signature sign off line, “I mean it.  Really” 

And mean it she does.  She doesn’t mince words when it comes to her political positions. Check out this little diddy that she wrote the day after the first presidential debate:

ALL OF US have to call “bullshit” right now.  There is too much at stake.  You can’t agree with George Bush all of the time and then say you are about change. You can’t say the economy is strong in the morning and then say it’s a crisis that afternoon.  You can’t be about deregulation for 25 years and then suddenly be against it.  And for God’s sakes war can’t be the answer to everything.

You just can’t teach an old dog a new trick… even if you put lipstick on it.  Change is needed.  I know because I am a fat, old dog.  For too many years I’ve been eating more pie than I should.  Jenny Craig had me doing pretty good for a few years but eventually I started eating pie again.   John McCain has been part of the Republican party in Washington for 26 years.  It doesn’t matter what he has been saying the last few months, eventually he’s going to eat the party pie again.  He’s old.  I’m old.  That’s what we do.  We don’t suddenly switch to salad. 

It’s OK. We’ve been part of the greatest generation.  We had our turn.  Now we get to sit back and enjoy our pie while someone else worries about the calories.  The new guy has the energy and the new ideas. Senator Obama, I hope you’re up for the challenge. 

One more thing for Senator McCain before this old bird goes to bed.  Ronald Reagan is dead.  Let it go.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  I hope you keep coming back.  It gives me something to do while Harold watches his shows.

I could quote her for days, but I wont.  You should head over there yourself and discover the gems that Margaret and Helen have left for you.  A word of caution, though.  If you were a staunch supporter of McCain/Palin or Bush/Cheney for that matter, you need to have skin as thick as Helen’s if you want to lurk around her site.  If you’re a liberal, Obama/Biden supporter, you’re going to laugh your ass off.

I mean it.  Really.


One response to “I’ve Seen My Future And Her Name Is Helen

  1. That’s hysterical Linda – I gotta check out her blog!

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