Steeler Mania

If you’re from the Burgh this is old news, but if you live outside of The Steel City then you probably haven’t heard of the group, The Pop Rocks.  A pre-teen rock group outside Pittsburgh, PA, they remade Pat Benatar’s classic, “Heartbreaker” adding their own Steeler inspired lyrics.

Elektra Davis, Connor McCandless, Drew Santa, Elijah Davis, Courtney Brown, Sara Santa.

The Pop Rocks, from left: Elektra Davis, Connor McCandless, Drew Santa, Elijah Davis, Courtney Brown, Sara Santa.

Jack Black would be proud.  These kids can really rock.  I love how this chick can hit all of Pat’s high notes and the fact that the violinist jams out at the end.

If men in uniform are more your cup of tea, then enjoy this Steeler Fever from an F-15 flying high above the mountains of Afghanistan:


And if you’re old school when it comes to the Steelers then it doesn’t get better than Happy Louie’s Pittsburgh Steeler’s Polka:

Of course, watching a game isn’t as fun as watching it with the sound down so you can blast Myron Cope from your radio. Cope died last February so we’ll have to do our best to enjoy Sunday’s game without him.  (If you’ve ever wondered what Pittsburgheeze sounds like, watch this video about the late, great Myron Cope.)

So why all the fuss for not only this team and this sport, but this cast of Pittsburgh characters?  It’s a fair question.  A few weeks ago as a matter of fact, a non-sports fan, friend of mine mocked me for my loyalty to this team of my youth.  She thinks sports are silly and not worth so much of our time and attention.

I explained to her that back in the 1970’s the Steelers won 4 Super Bowls and the Pittsburgh Pirates won two World Series pennants in that decade. In 1979 alone, the Steelers won the Super Bowl and the Pirates won the World Series in the same year!  That’s pretty extraordinary for any town, but for the Pittsburgh area at that time, an area where steel mills were closing, employment rates were sky rocketing and population numbers were dwindling, we were winners and ultimately respected.

No matter what was going on, we would gather around a crappy TV in our hand me down clothes,  turn on the game, pour a bag of generic chips into a chipped bowl and be not only fans but official residents of The City of Champions.

That’s why professional sports matter.  As the economy hits the skids once again, this Sunday someone down on their luck is going to proudly proclaim that their team is a winner and ultimately, even for a brief moment, will feel like a winner by association.  If you ask me that deserves a “Yoy”.  Actually as Myron Cope would say, that deserves a “Double Yoy!”


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