Nobody’s Perfect

Could it be that Hannah Montana has it all figured out?

This week in general has been all about the sheen coming off people.  Michael Phelps hit a bong.  Obama isn’t flawless.  A-Rod juiced.  Politician’s owe back taxes. Jessica Simpson’s has apparently been eating ice cream on the side.

It seems that not only do we went exceptional outcomes but those providing them better damn well be exceptional also.  This is reminding me of a great line from a great show, Judging Amy.  In it, Tyne Daley who played the straight talking social worker, Maxine Gray, had this exchange:

Board Member: We’re a little concerned that your director is a drug addict.
Maxine Gray: No, my director is a former drug addict. I myself am a former high school student, and everyone here used to poop in your pants. What’s your point?


2 responses to “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. Just when I was feeling “less than perfect” about a banking error I made I saw your blog title. Thanks so much for reminding me, I feel better.

  2. I’m so glad there weren’t camera phones, digital pictures, etc when I was younger.

    Glad I could make you smile.

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