A Woman’s Right To Choose

I believe that every woman has a right to choose, even if that means choosing to birth 14 children.  Of course, I also believe that choosing to birth 14 children in 8 years makes you certifiable, but regardless, Nadya Suleman has the right to have as many kids as she wants.

And since she’s in the international spotlight and will be watched like a hawk for years to come, the state of California certainly has the right to take those kids from her if she neglects any of them.  Her parents, whom she’s apparently taken advantage of for years, have the right to kick her and all of those kids out on the street.  And the medical community that enabled this mess has the right to judge the physician that performed the procedure and decide if they should change any of their policies and procedures.

Personally it’s the level of entitlement that’s rubbing me the wrong way and I think that the actions of this mother are hitting a nerve with all of us.  We’re simply tired of folks justifying poor choices.  Whether you’re cheating on your spouse, spending money that you don’t have, eating cake and not checking off the points on your Weight Watchers plan or having 14 kids without a job, it’s this feeling of “I can, therefore I will” that is personally driving me crazy.

Another issue for me is Suleman’s inability to wait for what she wanted.  Perhaps she was supposed to be the mother of a large family. But maybe she was going to meet and marry a widower with seven kids after getting her degree and landing a job.  By insisting that all of her hopes and dreams happen on HER timetable, she set things into motion that she isn’t prepared to handle and she quite possibly missed out on another amazing opportunity.

Finally, I just wish she’d tell the truth rather than be in total denial about her dire circumstances.  She only wanted one more child, yet she implanted 6 embryos?  She was struggling financially with six kids yet she spent all of her extra money on fertility treatments?  She plans on caring for her kids once she has her master degree, but “trusts that it’ll all workout in the meantime”?   She screwed up – big time – if she would just admit it and ask for help she’d probably get more that way.

I think she’s a great example of all that’s wrong in our country right now.  We got so used to having it all that we actually though we were entitled to it all.

We’re not.  I think it’s time we all figured that out and acted accordingly.


8 responses to “A Woman’s Right To Choose

  1. i think you do have the right to choose, but not when it involves 14 innocent lives. you want to cheat on your spouse, fine. but you shouldn’t have been allowed to implant 6 embryos without counselling and proof of support for those lives that need taking care of.

  2. not when it comes to children. we have all kinds of laws that protect them from abuse, make sure they have schooling, they are clothed and fed, have clean safe housing and so on.

  3. But where do you draw the line? The economy is tanking, so anyone that loses their job, isn’t allowed to get pregnant? If that’s the case, should the government pay for their birth control? And what if you’re a devote Catholic – does the law trump one’s religious beliefs? See where I’m going with this?

    Likewise, should the Dugger Family be forced to stop having kids and told to adopt from now on? They’re debt free and seem to have raising 18 children under control – but is it right to add to the world’s population when so many kids need to be adopted?

    Our laws are reactive and protect children that are already conceived/born not preemptive in an attempt to determine who’s allowed to be conceived/born.

    Since folks get up in arms when castration is offered up as a cure for pedophilia or mandatory birth control is suggested as a requirement for welfare moms, I doubt there will be laws stopping future Nadya Suleman’s from having babies.

    I agree, something needs to be done to prevent this from happening again – I just don’t want a reaction to Suleman to be the first step toward repealing roe v. wade.

  4. If she REALLY wanted children to love that’s great, but obviously there were other motives for why she did this. She IS a single mom, 3 of her kids already have some sort of disability, and she decides to have more children to “fill a void”??!!! That’s selfish and I’m angered, not because she had 8 more babies, but because knowing she had financial difficulties and still decided to inseminate not one but 6 embryos! She put those babies at risk! No one realizes the severity of what she has done. She gave birth to EIGHT premature infants! They will no doubt have medical issues and require special care! She obviously doesn’t realize this from the video with her showing her babies off in their incubators! How dare she! I am so saddened by her actions and lack of consideration and compassion for those poor babies. She is in for some tough times. I know because I had both my babies prematurely and I wasn’t all smiles 😦

  5. So what’s the answer? How does society stop this from happening again without giving the government permission to control our reproductive rights?

    Or can’t society stop this? Can we only decide how we react and then react consistently across the board?

    I hope your children are healthy and doing well.

  6. I think that eventually those kids will be taken from her. How can she be allowed to have all those premature babies in her mother’s house in the condition that it’s in?! Even with assistance from the government, she won’t be able to take care of all her children especially infants. She would need to hire a 5 nannies! In daycare, there must be a person for every 3 babies so how is she going to cope?! I’m so scared and sad for those little ones. They each deserve to be doted on just like any other baby:( Thank goodness my children are healthy and strong. My first oreemie was born 2 months early and was on a monitor because he forgets to breathe when he sleeps and he had reflux. My second was also 2 months early, had fluid in his lungs, they thought there was some sort of spinal disfigurement ( thank the Lord this wasn’t the case ) but he was a fighter and went home after almost two weeks without a monitor. So I am fully aware of the necessary care that a preemie requires. She is a selfish person and ‘m sure that no other sane woman would have done such a reckless and selfish act. I hope that those babies won’t be taken and slit apart. Babies are so helpless and can’t fend for themselves, it would be a shame to put them through any trauma 😦

  7. I don’t think the government should step in when it comes to a woman’s right to “bear children” but when a woman chooses artificial insemination, she should definitely undergo some sort of screening (emotional,etc) which I thought there was and I thought there was a limit to how many embryos can be implanted. That is what I think. Regardless of her history of miscarriages or what-have-yous, she should be held to the same rules and guidelines as any other woman undergoing the procedure. So if the government want to step in, they can knock at her doctor’s office! This subject riles me up!

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