2 Weeks Of Me Time

It’s that time again.  Time to clean the house only to have it stay clean.  Time to cook whatever I want to eat without anyone making a face at me.  Time to decide what I want to do without consulting with anyone else. Yea baby.  The kids are at camp.

Notice how they don't even look back?

Notice how they didn't even look back?

Last year when I dropped off my daughters, I had a long list of “to do” items to accomplish.  This year, my list is surprisingly shorter.  Don’t get me wrong.  Things need to be done in their absence and I have big plans for my front room/office. I had this wall of built-ins constructed specifically to hide all of the crap that I tend to accumulate.  Most days it looks like this:


But lurking behind these closed doors are tons of books, files, printouts, papers, magazines, PTA crap, supplies, wires, bills, chargers, cables and music CD’s that need to be organized, purged, given away and gone through before I run out of room.  See what I mean?


So I will definitely spend a day doing that as well as tackling this pile of videos:


This is a pile of memories from the wedding video in 1991 until we got a digital camera a few years ago.  All of this footage needs to be loaded onto my Mac, edited and transferred to DVD.  That pile has been sitting there for at least 6 months if not longer and has become a bone of contention in my marriage.  If I die by strangulation and the culprit is video tape, you’ll know who to arrest.  But truth be told, I’ve broken so many promises and missed so many deadlines for this project, I deserve the shame and shattered hyoid bone.  So I’m going public with my promise to get this shit transferred within the week so I can get the DVD monkey off my back.

But other than basic home/yard upkeep, this time around my list is all about me.  I’m going to do a ton of yoga, walking, hiking, movie watching, reading, and writing in no particular order.

Might even blog a little.

Just as soon as I get those damn DVD’s done.


2 responses to “2 Weeks Of Me Time

  1. Nice shelving unit! Very jealous of your two weeks.
    Looking forward to seeing Paige this summer!


  2. Scary what’s behind that unit. Now that school’s out maybe we can start to finalize our pick up/drop off plans for the girls? Can’t wait for Natalie to come visit. We’re constantly adding things to our “natalie list”.

    Let me know if this is a good week and I’ll give you a call.

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