So Close And Yet So Far…

Although there may be six degrees of separation between me and Kevin Bacon, there’s now only one degree between me and President Obama.

Jill Platts and I have been friends since 1982 when we met at a softball tournament.  Jill’s brother, Todd Platts is a US Congressman representing Pennsylvania’s 19th District.  So for a while, there’s been two degrees between me and Obama and over the years, I’ve lived vicariously through Jill’s brushes with our political powerhouses.

She’s spoken with Senator McCain in her brother’s backyard.  She’s discussed her mom’s famous fudge with President George W. Bush (Babs used to make it for him special when he was in office) and more importantly, she had amazing seats at this year’s inaugural.  Besides being present for this historical event, she even got to star gaze at all the famous folks that ended up in her VIP, I’m the sibling of a congressman, section.  Halle Berry. Jamie Fox.  Tom Hanks.  She saw them all that day.  Frankly, it’s getting to the point that when she mentions a famous person to me, I’m not that surprised any more.

So last week when I got an email from her with attachments, I didn’t think much of it.  I clicked it open and started reading about how she had been fortunate enough to attend the White House Congressional picnic with her brother and nephew.

Cool.  Jill must have met more famous people, I thought to myself.

So I keep reading and discovered that she actually met President Obama!

That’s so cool, I thought.  Then I remembered.  This email came with attachments. So I stopped reading and scrolled down only to find this photo:

Dinner on the White House Lawn

Which is pretty damn cool, until you see this photo:

Jill with VP Biden

Which is even cooler.  Until you see this photo:

Jill with the Prez

How cool is that?  How lucky is she?

So I quickly flipped back up to the email to see what she had to say about the president.  Here is what she wrote in her exact words:

He is a sweetie…responded to his name…sat when I asked him to…and then went down for the photo op!  He worked the crowd well!

I couldn’t believe it!  She had face time with the leader of the free world and that’s what she had to say about him? How rude. How condescending.  How could she speak about Obama in that way?  Of course he responds to his damn name.  He’s the President!

Then I scrolled back down to see the rest of the pictures only to realize…

Jill with First Lady and First Dog

She was talking about Bo.  Because as excited as she was to meet Obama, Biden, Michelle and Malia, my friend Jill, an insane animal lover, was even more excited to meet the first dog.

The York Daily Record did a write up on her evening because Jill, a liberal democrat and Obama supporter, happens to be the sister of a moderate Republican Congressman that campaigned for McCain.  It’s a nice article that you can read by clicking here.


2 responses to “So Close And Yet So Far…

  1. How cool is that??? Awesome pics!!

  2. Thanks for the write-up Linda…love it!

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