To Blog or Not To Blog

My blogging has gone from twice a week to a mere twice a month for about 6 months now. Ironically, my stats are the highest they’ve ever been.  Apparently if you write a post about the Snuggie, you suddenly become Arianna Huffington.

There are a lot of reasons behind my lack of blogging.  The main one being that I’ve been too pissed off lately to post.  I think that readers deserved to be entertained and/or informed, not annoyed by my ramblings.  Everyone’s pissed off about something but unless you’re going to turn your anger into a kick ass comedy routine, save it for your private journals or significant others.

Truth be told, I’ve been pissed ever since the election and if this was a political blog it would make perfect sense to spend every post bitching about the conservative Christian right.  But this is not a political blog so I’ve made a conscious choice to not react to every Tom, Dick and Joe Wilson out there in “I’m such a fucking patriot – watch me be too much of an asshole to be part of the solution so I’ll just continue to be part of the problem” land.

See what I mean?  Not funny.  Just mean and very Rush Limbaugh like.

The other reason for my lack of blogging is because I’ve spent the last 5 months doing yoga teacher training.  A lot of my free time has been used reading up on the history of yoga, the contraindications of particular asanas and the proper sequencing of yoga classes.  Besides learning about yoga, I’m also taking continuing education credits to get re-certified in speech therapy and return to my previous life as an acute care health professional. Hopefully this time next year, I’ll be doing both part time.

The third reason for my lack of blogging is due to some changes to my health.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I’ve had a lot to process.  The good news is that  unlike a majority of folks with the disease, I learned I had MS from a routine MRI and not due to having any symptoms, literally “stumbling” on it this summer. Most folks with MS suffer from various symptoms for years, sometimes decades before having a definitive diagnosis.  Since my cart came before my horse I’ve been able to take complete advantage of this and start my daily injectable medication without any real complaints or concerns.  If all goes well, the meds will work at the level of my immune system and keep me from developing any more brain lesions in the future.

Therefore, I’m not sure what form this blog will take moving forward.  Don’t be surprised if you see more health and wellness posts and although I don’t want to limit my blogging to only MS and yoga, be forewarned.  I have just been diagnosed with a disease with no cure, that is unbelievable expensive to treat and that labels me as a person with a pre-existing condition. You can imagine what my next post on health care reform will be like.


4 responses to “To Blog or Not To Blog

  1. Well that just blows. It just goes to show that you can do everything right as far as diet and exercise go and some crazy ass shit sneaks up and gets you.

    I wish you the best with your treatments and I hope you can keep this under control for a long long time.

    Fortunately for you, the US has some of the best healthcare in the world and you won’t have to go to Canada, France or England for your treatment.

    Lose the anger. Besides, doesn’t that contradict the whole YOGA thing…Peace!

    • Thanks. Actually the drug I’m on is from a Pharmaceutical company out of Israel not the US. My concern isn’t health care – I have a great doctor right here in the good old US of A. My concern is with health insurance and the $30,000 price tag. Yes you read that right – the drug would cost me that much PER YEAR if I didn’t have insurance and didn’t qualify for some type of assistance.

      For now I’m covered and but I can’t help but have a little bit of fear in the back of mind about what happens to me or my family if that ever changes.

  2. Linda –
    Jeeze. MS? Cripes. I think I remember you mentioning the MRI this summer, but not this. I ‘m assuming you had all the necessary 2nd (and even 3rd) opinions on the results, and are in good hands. Know that I am here if you need me (though how my speculum can do you any good with your brain is probably a bit of a stretch.)


  3. Thanks Peggy – I sent you an email.

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