The Real Housewives Of Late Night

You’ve got to love the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.  First off, no one is a housewife and many aren’t even married.  They are all working women, juggling career and family (although some don’t even have children) using their reality show to further build their empires.  Whether it’s Vicky “We’re going to Mexico” Gunvalson’s insurance company or Betheny, “What the F?” Frankel’s Skinny Girl brand or Sheree “I’m going to put on a fashion show without first having any garments completed” Whitfield’s fashion line, the OC gals never fail to annoy the shit out of me.  But because they make me laugh while doing it, I tune in when I can.

However, if the link below was the latest installment of Bravo’s weekly high-end, train wreck, you better believe I’d be recording it every week.

The Real Houswives of Late Night


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