Go Home Levi And Other Random Musings…

Dear Levi Johnston,

I don’t want to see your naked ass in Playgirl magazine.  As for your clothed ass, I would love to see it walking away from me, toward oblivion so that you’ll never be heard from again.  Now in your defense, I thought it sucked that you were dragged into the national spotlight due to impregnating Bristol, but then again, I didn’t see a gun pointed at your head at the Republican Convention.  But if you really didn’t like the spotlight, you wouldn’t be killing yourself to get in it so often, now.

I don’t for one second believe that the ex-Governor called her son with Down’s Syndrome, “Retarded” and when you go on national television and say shit like that, you have to know that your credibility is all but lost.  The fact that the CBS Morning Show even had you on, is quite baffling to be honest. You’re not selling a book.  You didn’t make a film.  You haven’t discovered a cure for cancer or been nominated for a noble prize.  You did an interview with Vanity Fair Magazine.  That’s not really an accomplishment.

I do appreciate your honesty in basically admitting that you’re trying to cash in while you can.  But you made it clear during this interview that you wanted to get revenge for everything Palin said about you when you and her daughter broke up.  You also publicly threatened Palin with more bombshell revelations, which makes me wonder why I’d believe you, anyway? It’s a classic “He Said – She Said” as you can’t back up anything that you’ve alleged.  Regardless, I don’t believe that anything you said warrants two segments totaling close to 15 minutes of an air time on a morning show.

Why don’t you do us all a favor and drop your drawers, cash your check and wrap up the rest of your 15 minutes of fame.  Palin at least was a Governor and a Vice Presidential candidate.  That entitles her to be in the national news for all things politics for as long as she wants to be involved.

You impregnated her daughter.  All that entitles you to is child support payments and visitation rights.

Dear Congress,

It took you OVER A DECADE to make it a federal hate crime to assault gay, lesbian and transgendered people based on their sexual orientation? Are you kidding me?  It only took eight years for us to get a man on the moon after President Kennedy announced the US’s intention to do so.

Shame on you.  On all of you.

Dear Glenn Beck,

My issues with you are getting worse – so much so I think I might need a support group.  I’m not sure where it stems from as I don’t seem to hate other conservative pundits like, O’Reilly and Limbaugh and some, like Scarborough, for example, I even enjoy.

I think it might be your combining of a shitty philosophy with bad acting and lame props.  And there’s your inability to spell which although I can personally related to, if I had a national television show you can bet your ass I’d have pre-designed, spell-checked graphics in lieu of a chalkboard.

But I think my real issue is not your political persuasions as much as your far reaching assumptions that defy logical and basic functional problem solving skills, not to mention lousy journalism standards.  I’m talking about things like taking the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s “I Participate Campaign” that sought to persuade more American’s to volunteer and relating that to Communism somehow while blaming Obama for orchestrating it.

Lets try to follow the logic:

  • You claimed that there wasn’t a volunteerism shortage in this country (without any facts/figures to back up that statement).
  • Then claimed that EIF orchestrated a fake volunteerism shortage (again no facts).
  • Then related that to Chairman Mao’s China without actually explaining what you meant.
  • Then took the First Lady’s approval/public endorsement of this program and made it seem like the White House was telling, instructing or somehow demanding how we American’s should spend our free time?
  • Then you tied in the service aspect of the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies, showed a clip of an Ashton Kutcher speech, and threw in a reference to Karl Marx (again without explanation/clarification)?
  • Then you mentioned Disney’s Free Day at the Park, and tied that to the Obama Administration saying that the White House is “calling for it [volunteerism] because they control the media”.
  • Then you implied that if we don’t follow along we will somehow by punished by the Obama Administration (via your hand slapping, visual aid) and then tied Obama to the “embedding of messages into TV shows”(again with no proof of this).
  • You then wrap it all it with a big finish that includes, bitching about Obama’s audacity to push volunteerism stating that only churches and charitable organizations should tell us to volunteer.

Wait a second Glen.  Where is your proof of all this?  And why did you forget to mention that President Obama was with President George H.W. Bush when THEY made their call to service on October 16th.  You know the President famous for uttering the phrase, “a thousand points of light” that was coined to promote volunteerism?

But what the heck, lets go with your assumptions and consider a few things such as:

  • How far in advance must a show topic be pitched before it can be created, written, performed and taped to be aired in the fall?
  • How much coordination had to occur between all 4 networks, their producers and writers to make this happen on four different networks during the same week?
  • How much lead time did the networks need to get their PSA’s created to be used to promote the I Participate campaign?
  • Could it have happened between the time Obama and Bush made their joint call to service on the 16th of October and the I Participate Week that began on October 19th?
  • And finally, how in God’s name does this become part of the Obama Administration Television Embedding Propaganda Machine?  Because you said so?

You can’t accuse the entertainment industry of creating a fake volunteer problem that doesn’t exist by creating a fake propaganda news story that doesn’t exist.

Just following your logic, Glenn.

I never thought I would say this, but can’t you just call Obama a pinhead and move on to the next story on the teleprompter?  You suck so bad you make O’Reilly look like a charming, breath of fresh air.

Just stop being an asshole will you?  And take an acting class for shit’s sake.


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  1. I am frequently looking for brand-new posts in the WWW about this issue. Thankz!

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