It’s Flu Season Baby

It’s flu season.  Rather than scaring you with death statistics regarding the swine flu, I thought it would be better to simply remind you how a virus spreads.  Below is a piece that I found on NPR that shows a video created by XVIVO (a scientific animation company) for a research company called Zirus, that shows how a virus spreads, what happens when it enters your body and how your body works to defend itself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So before you get all freaked out about the flu, trust that your body is fully capable of protecting itself.  If you want to help out your immune system you can via very simple techniques and habits that I pulled from a WebMD article:

  1. Eating well
  2. Getting enough sleep
  3. Drinking enough fluids
  4. Moderately exercising (extreme exercise actually puts your health at risk so be smart about how much exercise you’re getting)
  5. Keeping your stress levels low
  7. COVERING YOUR MOUTH when you cough or sneeze

And believe it or not:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Having sex

So what are you waiting for?  Turn on some music and have some sex for your health and wellness.  But for God’s sakes wash your hands first.


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