Is There A Band?

My father-in-law, Joe, has a signature line that he utters whenever he wants to indicate that he’s being overcharged for something.  When charged $42 for programs at the Broadway show, Wicked or when visiting us in New York and being charged an outrageous amount of money for popcorn and drinks at the Big Apple Circus or last summer when buying beer and hot dogs at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, as he’s pulling yet another $20 bill from his wallet he’ll ask with a completely straight face, “Is there a band?”

So last week when I opened up an invoice from the pharmaceutical company that sends me my Copaxone shipments.  My 3 month supply came to the grand total of, drum roll please…


Is there a band?

(Just to be forthcoming: Luckily because I have insurance I only have to pay $50.  But I can’t help but wonder, what the hell do people without insurance do?)


2 responses to “Is There A Band?

  1. I love Joe’s comment. When I think I’ve had a BOHICA (bend over here it comes again), I always reply, please dim the lights, lights some candles and offer me a glass of wine. I’m tired of getting screwed with the lights on.

    Thank God you have insurance.

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