Glenn Beck

I accept the fact, that I’ll never agree with Conservatives. I’m totally cool with being far from them on the belief system spectrum.  I get that there needs to be a Yang to my Yin.  But I will NEVER understand why anyone listens to this guy. Between his nonsensical chalk board rants and the rift between what he says and what he does, he just doesn’t seem credible.  Like when he rages against giving kids trophies when they don’t actually earn them…

GLENN: So here is my challenge to Pat and my challenge to every man, woman and child in this country: Stop it! Take the trophy and put the trophy some place where the sun doesn’t shine like a closet.

…only to accept an Honorary Doctorate from Liberty University – with tears in his eyes.  What a putz!  Shouldn’t he place that doctorate where the sun doesn’t shine?  Like his ass?

He just doesn’t make sense to me which is why I thought this trailer for his next book was a joke, as I came across it on Huffington Post’s Comedy Page, but upon further investigation, I found it on Beck’s own web site.

Dogs returning to their vomit?


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