Words can’t describe the feeling I get this time of year.  A crisp breeze that unapologetically demands sweater wearing,  requires soup to begin simmering, inspires various pumpkin desserts to be baked and of course pigskins to fly into end zones – damn I love fall.  Add in beautiful foliage and I’m pretty sure this is my version of heaven.

Although spring is truly the time of new beginnings, fall due to the annual return to school and the ripping of tags off a new wardrobe always felt like my personal time of renewal, my yearly do-over, so to speak.  And even though it’s been decades since I’ve filled a new back pack or deciphered a class schedule, this time of year always feels makes me feel energetic and inspires me to get out and do more.

The irony that my favorite time of year is also the time that everything dies, doesn’t escape me.  Yet nature seems to get the joke, choosing to go out in a blaze of glorious colors.

I thought I’d post some photos before I put my stew in the crock pot. It’s only going to be 70 degrees today!  Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful fall day wherever you are.

PS – I meant to attach links to these amazing pictures, then lost the links.  These are NOT my photos but unfortunately, I can’t give proper credit to the photographer.  If they’re yours, I’d love to add your name/link, or I’ll happily take them down – whatever you prefer.  Sorry for the goof.  


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