21 Day Challenge

I work at a terrific yoga studio in town, called Sol Yoga. One of the things I like about Sol is that the owner simply wants people to do yoga.  She’s not interested in becoming a yoga superstar or being at the helm of a vast yoga empire, she just wanted to get more people in Frederick, MD into a yoga studio, so she opened one six years ago.  This little, 4th floor walk up studio with a few teachers and volunteer staff has grown to 2 locations, 3 yoga spaces, 20+ certified teachers,  20+ volunteers, 100+ classes a month and even has a spin off called, Little Sols which is a yoga studio for kids.

Literally at Sol you can do yoga from the womb onward.  Although we don’t specifically have a senior yoga class, yet, I’ve taught and/or taken many a class with students in their 70’s and 80’s.

As a teacher, I enjoy seeing my advanced students rock advanced poses, but my favorite yoga teacher moment to date was when I yelled out “Ardha Chandrasana” (Half-Moon Pose) and had a woman in her 80’s nod yes, when I offered her an assist and whispered, “Do you want to try it?”

Image from Yogapostures.com

She not only tried it – she did it!  It was amazing.

But here’s the down side to being a yoga teacher.  You spend so much time teaching and thinking about teaching and thinking about the music you want to use while you’re teaching, that you end up spending less time doing yoga for yourself.  Because of this, Sol is challenging all staff to participate in a 21 Day Yoga Challenge.  The theory being that you can’t truly inspire students if you’re not doing yoga yourself.  She’s hoping it’ll kick start in all of us a drive to, “Do More Yoga and See What Happens

We start next week.  So as not to shock my system, I’m starting today.  Meaning, I’m going to put yoga first and not the pile of laundry, or the fact that I need to run to the grocery store or the realization that I took down all of my Christmas decorations but forgot to take down the garland outside my front door.  It’ll all get done whether I go to yoga or not, so why not go?

This challenge is open for staff but anyone can do it along with us.  Interestingly,  Yoga Journal is also challenging their readers to a 21 Day Challenge next Monday as well.  This is a great way to get some free yoga videos sent to your in-box each morning that allows anyone to join in no matter where you’re located.

If however, you do reside in Frederick and have always wanted to get into yoga, I strongly recommend Sol Yoga.  If you’re completely new to the studio, you can sign up for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for a mere $25.  It’s the most cost effective way to experiment with different teachers, classes, times and styles without breaking the bank.  Friday nights at Sol mean, $5 happy hour yoga.  There are 2 donation only classes where you pay what you want, if anything.  There’s a ton of hour long, $10 classes if you can’t afford or don’t have the time for a 75 minute, $15 class.  And of course, there are many specialty packages you can purchase to keep your costs down and your yoga participation up.

2010 was supposed to be the year I was going to fully commit to my yoga practice.  Instead I went back to work and spent every ounce of my free time recommitting to speech therapy.  After 9 months of working, I think I’ve got a routine down, so I’m happy to switch gears and make 2011 my year of living yogaliciously.  Should be interesting.  I’ll keep you posted.


3 responses to “21 Day Challenge

  1. Have you read that book “life in 26 poses” or something along those lines about a woman and yoga and her life. Just got it for a friend. looks interesting.

    Have fun with your 21!

    and happy new year!

  2. I just found it online – it’s called “Poser”. Read an excerpt – I’ll pick up a copy this week – thanks for the recommendation!

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